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  • Evolution Of Tigers

    The tiger is one of the most endangered species around the world. Today, there are only an estimated 5.000- 7.000 tigers existing worldwide (D'Silva, Roy) . This number has decreased drastically over the last few years, even though the tiger has few natural enemies. Besides large buffaloes, bears and elephants, humans are its worst enemy. Tigers mainly live in Asia, India and Russia. Due to the wide spread, every tiger sub- spices have adapted to its ecosystem differently, some live in tropical rainforests, mangrove swamps, grasslands or savannas. They have developed in different in size, color and behavior throughout the evolution. There are three main reasons why the tiger is endangered. These include poaching, loss of their natural habitat…

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  • Tasmanian Tiger Essay

    The Tasmanian Tiger is also known as Tasmanian Wolf or simply Thylacine. The last one died at Hobart Zoo in 1936 and the species was officially declared as extinct in 1986. Tassie Tigers were secretive and nonterritorial creatures that avoided human contact, hunted at night and lead a typical feline lifestyle. With the arrival of Europeans in Tasmania started their long and painful journey to extinction. In 1888, the government introduced 1£ price for its head, leaving them at the mercy of…

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  • A Tiger For Malgudi Analysis

    A Tiger for Malgudi is interspersed with various incidents and characters that depict the conflict between tradition and unconventionality. The lively descriptions of villagers with their characteristic terror of the primitive man and of the tiger as “a cave-dweller and jungle beast” carry the reader back to the savage times when man’s foremost preoccupation was to save his race from utter annihilation at the hands of wild beasts. The village and the sheep are symbols of innocence and unalloyed…

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  • The Lady Or The Tiger Summary

    The Lady Or The Tiger SUMMARY In a very olden time, there was a half-barbaric king who built an arena in which his offenders would face their fate. In the arena, which people called the arena of the king, the offenders had two doors to choose, behind one waited a hungry tiger which could tear them apart into pieces, and behind the other waited a lady whom the king chose particularly for them. If they chose the lady, they would be assumed innocent, but if they chose the tiger then they would…

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  • Tiger Kingdom Paragraph

    Snuggle Up To Real Tigers At The Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom, Thailand Sometimes the best souvenirs are the photos you bring back from a trip. If you visit the Tiger Kingdom just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, your photos will be by far your most cherished souvenirs. If holding a baby tiger in your arms or snuggling up to a lazy adult tiger sounds like a great photo opportunity to you, and you want to support the preservation of these beautiful animals, a visit to the Tiger Kingdom is in order.…

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  • Tiger Symbolism

    To start off, I came up with the idea of a tiger as the head, as it is a national symbol, and it is the national animal of Malaysia. While the tiger also indicates bravery and agility in the Malaysian culture. Whereas, I used the orangutan because it is indigenous in the island of Borneo which includes parts of Malaysia. However, the orangutan is often seemed to show happiness and fun. Moreover, I used the Malayan tapir, because it is indeed a unique creature, due to the fact it almost resembles…

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  • White Tiger Research Paper

    White Tigers have evolved due to genetic variation. Some people might think, that the white tiger is its own species, but it is not. The white tiger is not an albino form, although some people might think it is it’s actually a different form of Bengal Tiger. The reason, that you never hear of a white tiger being from a Bengal tiger is simple, our minds just don’t think like that. Our minds, well some of the human’s minds go to the fact that a white tiger has got to be its own species. The white…

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  • Physical Characteristics Of Tiger Vs. Lion

    Tiger Vs. Lion Time and time again,we wonder about random things. An example of this would be the question, who would win a fight between a male lion and a male tiger? Since they have completely different lifestyles, it would be interesting to catch them in the act. Some things that are different about them are their physical characteristics, and where they live. Although, they have a very low chance in meeting in today’s day and age, they did a long time ago. In this paper, I will discuss the…

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  • Bone Tiger Research Paper

    From the age of two, I have always been interested in working with tigers. My first stuffed animal was a white tiger named Bone Tiger. Once I had Bone Tiger, I took him everywhere with me. As I got older, I would ask my parents for more stuffed animal tigers. Although I collected many stuffed animal tigers throughout my life, I have always kept Bone Tiger. My interest in tigers continued to grow as I got older. I grew up in Medway, MA., which is about 30 minutes from Southwick’s Zoo. Southwick’s…

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  • Tears Of A Tiger Situation Analysis

    I can relate the situation from the novel Tears of a Tiger to my own life. For example me and my friends are very similar to all the situation in the book. The author wrote “after a while the car started to sway, but I wasn’t sure if it was me getting’ dizzy or if the car really was weaving across the expressway”.This quote from the author shows just how drunk the kids were. Also, in chapter 4 the author says “Then all of a sudden, like out of nowhere, this wall was in front of us, like it…

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