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  • Effects Of Shay's Rebellion

    During this time America is becoming more and more stable. In America little influence was provided by Europe. This era included the idea of republicanism and John Locke’s social contract. Although the March of the Paxton boys did not show results, Shay’s rebellion and the regulator movement had been significantly successful in the ideas addressed. The March of the Paxton boys was not significantly helpful in changing the government because of the lack of effects after the March. The causes of the March of the Paxton Boys were Native Americans in the region had pillaged and scalped frontier people and the effects were little to none. Several raids of native tribes in the frontier land of Pennsylvania had become the cause Susquehannock massacre.…

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  • Native American Migration

    Jamestown inhabitants. The brother of Wahunsenacawh, Opechancanough ordered the attacking of all English settlements, which killed over 400. After constantly fighting Opechancanough came to the agreement with the English settlers to settle a meeting. While disputing the English settlers managed to give the Powhatan’s poisoned drinks which killed over 200 of the population, but Opechancanough was not killed. A couple years later Opechancanough was captured and killed during a battle. William…

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  • Munsee Indians Summary

    Once the European colonists settled in the Munsee country, they brought war, epidemics, and disasters to the land. Approximately, two thousand Munsee men, women, and children died during the war with the Dutch. Alcohol was another cause of death due to fights, exposure, and alcohol trade. However, microbes caused the biggest decline in the Munsee population. Many people, particularly elderly and young people were susceptible to influenza, measles, and smallpox. It spread like wild fire and…

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  • The Conestoga Massacre: The Whiskey Rebellion

    Settlers in the back country in the eighteenth-century, restored to armed insurrection to affect change in the political, social, and economic realms of their colonies and states. The Paxton Boys were frontiersmen of Scots-Irish origin who hated their vulnerability to attack. The Paxton Boys were from Paxton, Pennsylvania. The Paxton Boys were formed to reciprocate against American Indans and the Pontiac Rebellion after the French and Indian War. The Paxton Boys invaded and killed many of the…

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  • Essay On The Mohawk Tribe

    Lawrence Valley. Others tribes of the Iroquoian family lived in two areas in the present southern states, one in the eastern Carolinas, and the other partly in the western Carolinas, and parts of the States of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Virginias. The Hurons or Wyandot tribe lived about Lake Simcoe and the St. Lawrence; the Tiononates, west of Lake Ontario and south of the Hurons and in New York; the Erie nation south of Lake Erie; the Canastogas (or Susquehannocks) and their…

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