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  • Comparison Of O Pioneers And Ethan Frome

    O Pioneers and Ethan Frome are two classic, exciting novels. Even though the two plots of these stories aren’t much alike, the have similarities so often, it’s eerie. From the cold, harsh winter that the stories take place in, to the fact that they were written 2 years apart (1911 - 1913). These stories were not meant to relate at all, but the more you read, the more similarities you may find throughout both books. I find it funny that the similarities are not more recognised in the reading world, because they are so recognisable, yet it hasn’t been much noticed. The two books contain, lust, a love triangle, attempted murder, heartbreak, and much more. Ethane Frome is a story about a man, Ethan Frome, who falls in love with his very “unhealthy”…

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  • Kafka's Argumentative Analysis

    through authority, it can also be as easily exploited by a unified discourse exactly because it is fragmentary, which made it more fragile to rewriting and reinterpretation. This paper—again—contrasts Said’s celebration of essay as a genre suitable for criticism, and Deleuze and Guattari’s ahistorical appropriation of Kafka’s letter to construct their own theory of “minor literature.” The paper ended with an example of the the Shanghai Jewish Museum, which by appropriating and reinterpreting…

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  • Edward Estlin Cummings: The Master Of Art

    Edward Estlin Cummings: The Master of Art Genealogy and geography, along with numerous other circumstances molded Edward Estlin Cummings into an innovative poet and painter of the modernism movement. The inescapable presence of Harvard, and the desire to live up to his father's legacy as a Unitarian minister, Harvard Graduate , and Professor, played a major role in Cummings’ rebellious attitude towards his father’s traditional world. Cumming’s desire to find his own voice and reject societal…

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  • T. S. Eliot Influences

    precocious behavior (Marks 5). Eliot was raised Unitarian, and his grandfather Reverend William Greenleaf Eliot founded the first Unitarian Church of the Messiah and Eliot Seminary (Ackroyd 703). Eliot’s parents enrolled him at Smith Academy as a young boy (Bloom 1). Although he had achieved academic success, he was considered too young to start college at age 17, so he spent a year at Milton Academy before entering Harvard University in 1906 (Marks 5). Ironically, Eliot was on academic…

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  • American Romanticism And Transcendentalism

    Thirdly, oriental mysticism as revealed in Hindu and Chinese classics reached America in English translations. As a result, New England Transcendentalism blended native American tradition with foreign influences. Development Ralph Waldo Emerson published Nature in 1836 which represented a new way of intellectual thinking in America. “The Universe is composed of Nature and the Soul. Spirit is present everywhere.” This new voice led American Romanticism to a new and mature period, the…

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  • Allama Iqbal's Shikwa Summary

    Stylistic Analysis of Allama Iqbal’s Shikwa Back ground: According to Bassnett and Gundy (1993) “Literature is a high pint of language practice; debatable it makes the best skill a language user can express. Anyone who wants to obtain a thoughtful knowledge of language that goes away from the useful will read literary texts in that language.” Usually, literature is look upon to be the privilege of definite people who are capable with certain ability and understanding literature. Literature is…

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  • Representation Of Gandhi

    4. Representations of Gandhi For nearly six decades, Gandhi has been a recurring figure in diverse mediums all over the world. Whether it’s a new biography or a modern take on Gandhi’s philosophies, the Gandhian tradition has been kept alive in not just literature, but in almost all art forms. However, it creates an interesting but a paradoxical situation; during his lifetime Gandhi was likened to other eminent figures like Lenin, Tolstoy and even Jesus Christ. Soon after his death a discourse…

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  • Isolationism In John Gardeners's Grendel

    In Grendel; literary techniques help Gardener to establish the idea of an already corrupt mind, collapsing around the edges. As the novel progresses the energy created intensifies and allures the audience. In John Gardeners Grendel; kennings, existentialism and metaphor are used to highlight Grendle’s isolation and clearly establish a central idea that isolating one’s self leads to self-destruction. Notably, signs of isolationism in Grendel are evident from the very beginning with kennings to…

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  • Analysis Of Brown Girl Dreaming

    The Breathtaking Brown Girl Dreaming Initially when I began Jacqueline Woodson 's Brown Girl Dreaming I wasn 't convinced her choice of writing style was for me. I didn 't fully grasp how an autobiography could be written in verse and still flow like a narrative. However, Woodson laid to rest any concerns or doubts I may have had prior to starting this delightful novel. I have never been one to avidly seek out memoirs; I get bored with them after only just beginning them. Brown Girl Dreaming is…

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  • Wretched Catullus Leave Off Playing The Fool Julius Caesar Analysis

    During the reign of Julius Caesar, a Roman lyrical poet rose to fame, known as Catullus. Catullus, unlike many other writers of his time, did not write of political issues, but of love and heartbreak. Although some viewed, love as a frivolous notion, Catullus was able to channel his emotions into writing, creating not only moving lyrics, but also using literary techniques, and creating new formations for poems. Wretched Catullus, Leave off Playing the Fool The first poem we will be analyzing…

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