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  • John Woodens Influence On Basketball

    Legendary UCLA head basketball coach John Wooden has died. The 99 year old was well known for his legacy as the UCLA Bruins head basketball coach. His impact was remarkable considering how many people and players he touched during his basketball career. Wooden was and always will be basketball. When anyone mentioned any reference to greatness in the sport, John Wooden was the first to come to mind. For many years, Wooden led UCLA to National Titles and produced players that went on to bigger and better things. John Wooden was 99 years old. TMZ reported that John Wooden had passed around 1 hour ago on June 4, 2010. Wooden collected 10 National Titles with UCLA in the 1960's and 1970's. He coached greats like Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton. You can read more on the TMZ story here.…

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  • John Wooden's Definition Of Success

    John Wooden is a teacher and a legendary coach who led his team to a record-breaking number of wins and NCAA Championships. In 2001, he gave a TedTalk focused on his experiences as a teacher and a coach and how they have changed his definition of success. During this TedTalk Wooden gave his own definition of success and talked about the events that led to his forming of this new definition. Wooden also quoted different poems and verses that he felt accurately described what he had come to know…

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  • Will Davis Early Life

    Growing up in Kentucky, a love for Kentucky basketball comes naturally. Will Davis has been a die-hard fan since he was just a baby. He loved Kentucky basketball more than anything, it was his life. Nothing made him happier than Kentucky winning, and nothing hurt him worse when they lost. He watched every game with his dad. When he was just a young boy, he vowed that he would one day wear those eight letters across his chest and play in front of the 23,000 rowdy Kentucky fanatics in Rupp…

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  • Essay On The NCAA Amateurism System

    example of just how much money is coming into division one college programs is the exceedingly large contracts being given out to college football coaches. For example top level college football coaches can make upwards of several millions dollars. Nick Saban (Alabama football head coach), and Jim Harbaugh (Michigan football head coach) are paid seven plus million annually, with Urban Myer (Ohio State football head coach) getting paid six million a year. College football is not alone in paying…

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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

    skills and for the attention and revenue that they bring to their college during the years that the athlete plays for that specific college. March Madness is the biggest way that the NCAA gains revenue each year. March Madness is the annual basketball tournament for men’s and women’s Division I, II, III basketball. For the 2012-2013 March Madness season had…

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  • Summary: Should College Athletes Get Paid

    people to differ in opinion. The proponents of providing compensation for college athletes claim other students can earn or receive money therefore college athletes should be able to also, sports generate revenue for their college, and the compensation ban encourages corruption, while opponents claim not all colleges earn enough revenue, a university 's job is to educate, and college sports should remain amateur. College-level sports are amateur, and maintained by the National Collegiate…

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  • How Do Sports Have A Positive Impact On Society

    Sports can have a positive effect on society. They are one of the things that have made me the person I am today. Sports, mostly football and basketball, have shown me how to be a leader, how to stay active, how to persevere no matter how down you are , how it can help people in the community, and the ability to talk to people about the sports I love. Sports have no doubt been an influence for a long time, from ancient times to now. The leadership that comes with sports is a big deal in my…

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  • The Importance Of Money In College Sports

    Besides gear and in school treatments the players don 't receive anything for entertaining millions every night. While the league and schools are receiving billions of dollars yearly. The coaches also make an insane amount of money the yearly between duke university coach mike krzyzewski and bo ryan coach of wisconsin was a combined 12, 628,032. The ncca got an insane amount of 10.8 billion dollars from cbs and turner broadcasting for the rights to broadcast for 14 years. In an article…

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  • Big East Basketball Case Study

    Miloch, and Laucella (2007) an influential time during the growing interest in sports occurred during the 1960s when “the Wide World of Sports brought highlights to millions of homes in 1961, the Super Bowl started its national broadcast in 1964, and the NFL began featuring a game of the week called Monday Night Football, which started in 1970.” (p. 50). In the college game, the development of ESPN in 1979 led to a growth in the college game because it provided programing for the 24-hour…

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  • Elements Of A Good Underdog Story

    As a retired collegiate athlete and sports fan in general, there is no greater time of the year than March. Sure, the highly anticipated spring break takes place during this month, Thanksgiving round 2 (Easter) also sometimes occurs, and even my birthday falls into this period. While all these things are awesome, none of them compare to the greatest event that takes place during the month of March: The Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, also known as MARCH MADNESS. While a single-elimination…

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