College Athletes Research Paper

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an amazing non-profit organizations that help athletes make their dreams come true. This is including the nearly 2.7 billion dollars of scholarships given this year ( While college athletes are bringing in thousands of dollars they see none of it for their hard work. According to, NCAA is a member led organization whose purpose is to focus on the well-being and success of college athletes. While the NCAA may say they focus on their athletes well being why are they not seeing any money for their commitment to their school and sport. While they should be seeing just a small amount. There have been college sports in the United States for at least 125 years (“The Blue Line”). With …show more content…
According to Northwestern University, “The National Labor Relations Board” came to the conclusion that college athletes who receive scholarships are considered to be employees of the university (“Huge first step for Student Athletes”). It is time for this rule the NCAA has to go and the NCAA to evolve into something better for the athletes. In “Rules Against Paying NCAA Stars”, it says that the NCAA should follow into the, “Olympic Model”. This would allow athletes to make money off of their own name or also known as “their brand” (“Rules Against Paying NCAA Stars”). This would allow these athletes to make money by signing pictures, jerseys, posters, etcetera. The NCAA rules were created years ago it is time to make adjustments to the decade that the world is in. Now with every positive there are negatives, if students athletes in division one were to be paid a lot of them would be forced to become a smaller division sport (“Paying College Athletes”). This would hurt the billion dollar college athletic world that is known today. This could cause schools like The University of Duke or The University of North Carolina at Chapel hill to become division two sports like The University of Shippensburg or The University of Kutztown. This would kill the business side of college athletics. This would also cause the large schools to become smaller due to them needing to start making cuts not just with the team size but with the amount of sports they have at their schools (“Paying College Athletes”). This could cause lots of problems like scholarships no longer being as accessible to college athletes. Scholarships that athletes receive based on their athletic ability is considered to be free education (“The Blue Line”). If most scholarships the NCAA gives out was taken away then, college athletes would not be able to get the opportunity to get a high level

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