Essay On College Athletes

Due to the increasing popularity of college sports in the United States, individuals have begun to question whether college athletes should be paid like professionals. But college athletes are students and amateur players, meaning that college athletes are not given money to play a sport. Student-athletes attend college to get an education, not to be paid to play a sport. Already compensating athletes for playing are scholarships. Also, paying athletes would cause countless problems. Some college sports bring in a lot of money, but that money is not enough to pay the athletes at a college. In addition, it is legal for colleges to use athlete’s names and faces for branding, even though the supporters argue it is illegal. In short, college athletes …show more content…
If athletes were to be paid, then their focus would switch to sports, rather than their education. Many athletes are in college because they want a college degree. The main point of college is to earn a degree. Presently, a college degree is necessary to hold a decent job, therefore a degree is necessary for athletes’ future. New York Magazine affirms that college athletes understand how important receiving a college degree is for a successful future. And the few that are capable of playing professionally understand the importance of a degree if they do not become a professional athlete. After all, only 2% of college athletes go pro (Chait). So if you are a part of the 98% of college athletes that do not play professionally, then you must establish a plan for what to do after graduation. This plan will likely require passing grades and a college degree. If athletes are given money to play, then they will worry more about their salaries than their education. Athletes will worry about making money rather than their classes. College athletes are first and foremost students and they need to concentrate more on their classes than sports. A college education is essential for the future, making it more important than sports, thus college athletes should not be

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