High School Sports Research Paper

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A basketball team in Texas was down by two points with seconds left. After two steals and a half-court buzzer beater, they win the game. However there is more to high school sports than the intense playoff games. High school sports do more for students’ than give them a varsity letter. High school sports are beneficial to a students’ education in that they teach time management, develop social skills, and improve a students’ grades. High school sports teach time management in many ways. For example, “If you know you’ll miss class/test or assignment because of sports, talk with your teacher earlier rather than later to ensure you cover all of your academic bases,” (Keeping). Sometimes students must leave early for a sport and may miss a class. Teachers will not chase those students around trying to figure out what work they have missed, it is up to the student to make up the work. Also, “If your teacher gives you advanced notice on tests, projects or book assignments…do a little each day rather than cramming everything the night before it is due,” (Keeping). Students who may have several practices or games in one week must be able to stay on top of their school work. Those practices and games force student-athletes to start their school work before practice rather than after. Finally, “Set up a daily list and arrange your priorities according to the order of importance to your mission,” (Ngari). It is necessary for students to …show more content…
The evidence throughout this paper explains how high school sports and activities teach valuable lessons dealing with prioritizing, communicating, and learning. Playing a high school sport is not meant to be just about winning a title or two in a high school career. They teach skills beyond a field, they give students’ many opportunities in life. Student-athletes shouldto recognize the deeper aspects of what they do on a daily

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