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  • Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

    Every year more than 460,00 NCAA student-athletes compete in 24 sports (NCAA). These are held to high expectations not only on as an athlete but as a student too. But should student-athletes at the collegiate level be paid. They go through expectations of vigorous training while playing and maintaining their studies. In the article Are players School Employees? by Reed Karaim shows how students have the right to unionize, along with class-action lawsuits demanding more compensation and better treatment for college athletes, has amplified debate over whether they should be paid. Reed Karaim discusses how the top of collegiate competition deserves greater compensation for their efforts rather than scholarships. Meaning these athlete’s deserve…

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  • Why Student Athletes Should Be Paid

    and companies that sponsor them. It is illegal for athletes to receive any form of payment even though we are the ones that bring in the revenue. Being a division one athlete is not as good as it seems, because the NCAA and its schools do not pay it’s student athletes. The dedication, hard work, and sacrifices of student athletes are taken advantage of. Any top school in the NCAA is sponsored by an athletic brand. This is bad because it means at some point in that schools history the NCAA and…

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  • Student Athlete

    What is a Student athlete? In this essay I will be addressing the definitional issues associated with the term student athlete. The importance of this issue is momentous because of how frequently the term is used in the wrong context. Reading my essay will resolve or cease any confusion or misconception of the term “student athlete”. A student athlete is not someone who puts their sport before any classwork. A student athlete is not someone who doesn't take any pride in doing their own work. A…

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  • Student Athlete Stereotypes

    Prejudice Toward University Student-Athletes As a student-athlete the responsibilities and expectations are much greater than a regular student, a student-athlete must work twice as hard than a regular student and manage their time properly therefore their academic performance does not negatively affect their GPA. For many years, the student-athlete stereotype has been existent in the school system, where they are portrayed as the “dumb jock” and are considered to have fewer capabilities to…

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  • College Student Athletes

    of “whether college student athletes should be paid?” has consequently been debated endlessly over the past few decades. Being a student of one of the biggest and most prominent sports dominant universities in the world, I can’t help but notice how impactful and fanatic sports plays in the culture of not only our school, but our entire society. In correspondence to such growth, organizations like the National Collegiate Athletic Association along with advertising corporations, sponsors and…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Student Athletes

    Athletes but Still Students Everybody thinks that athletes can just breeze by school but in reality it’s far from that. For me this topic is something I can talk about, because I was a student athlete for years. Student Athletes doesn’t get as much credit as they deserve. Everybody thinks they are not the smartest, that the teachers just hand them grades they didn’t deserve, and staying up with little rest. It doesn’t matter if you play football, baseball, basketball, or softball, or any sport…

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  • Student Athlete Research Paper

    When looking at college athletes, we see them as athletes before students, we do not think about what that athlete may be feeling. Being a college athlete whether it be a division I athlete or a junior college athlete comes with high expectations to perform well. It is a huge time commitment because they must work out to stay in shape, go to practice every day, memorize plays, and travel to games while trying to maintain good academic standing. This can take its toll on their mental health,…

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  • Student Athletes Should Be Paid

    that a college degree gives a student are vast and valuable. However, many think that those opportunities are not enough. In particular, the idea of paying athletes has become a hot topic recently and many universities have already started compensating their athletes. Universities should not be paying their athletes because they are students receiving an education, not professional athletes. While juggling a full course load, practice, team weight lifting, and home and away sporting events is…

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  • Why Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

    Also I believe colleges and universities should not have to pay athletes because they are already providing them athletic scholarships and other benefits. An athlete’s scholarship is a form of salary. According to the NCAA, the average value of a full scholarship at an in-state, public school, is $18,000 a year. For an out-of-state public school the value is $25,000. This money goes towards tuition fees, room and board, required textbooks and much more. These universities are giving student…

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  • Essay On Should Student Athletes Be Paid

    Student athletes are held to a standard that most students are not held too. Saying that, student athletes should have to maintain an AB average during the school year, which is at least a 3.1 GPA or higher. Playing a sport is a privilege, not a right. We, as athletes, think playing a sport is a right because we are good at it, therefore we have the right to play. But due to sports our grades drop and we do not seem to care during the season. Student athletes should have to be on the honor roll…

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