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  • When Did Australia Decide To Go To War

    government to be involve in the Australia’s armed force. Looking back at more than 100 years ago, it is evident that the Prime Ministers had been making decisions with regards to the deployment of troops were without Parliamentary approval. Before 1942, Australia’s war entitlement still lies with the Britain due to the Dominion between the British and Australia. The Commonwealth does not require parliamentary approval before deploying troops overseas, but since the war prerogative lies with the executive power, the governor-general will authorise any war decisions. However, Australia had been going through legal means in which they could go to war under the Defence Act 1903 (Cth) ‘DA’.…

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  • Dominion Mandate Analysis

    The Role of the Dominion Mandate as a Motivator for Team Creativity The Dominion mandate was established by God as the appointment of mankind to a position of authority in the earth and as a direct imperative to exercise the dominion. The dominion of sin and death was followed by after Adam’s fall, but was not eradicated. The Dominion mandate was restored and renewed in the dominion of Christ. The believers of Christ shared in the dominion and made many accomplishments while Christ reigned…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Giga Coaster

    Giga Coaster Many years ago I lined up for an experience that would change my life. This experience changed who or what I was for 8 minutes. It changed how I thought and how I felt. It truly was an experience to never be forgotten. That experience would be my first Giga Coaster. July 27th, 2013, my father and I took an exhilarating trip to King’s Dominion. King’s Dominion is a theme park located in Doswell, Virginia. I hadn’t been to many theme parks centered around roller coasters but, I…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Joining Confederation

    Newfoundlanders were concerned about religion, education, and their children. Some Newfoundlanders were debating whether Britain could legally force them to join the Confederation. Newfoundlanders had both positive and negative reactions to the idea of joining Canada in 1948. Historians explain how many Newfoundlanders argued about the positive and negative aspects of Confederation. There were concerns for future generations in terms of education and religion. People who were opposed to…

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  • Case Study: Dominion Motors & Controls, Ltd.

    Dominion Motors & Controls, Ltd. A large supplier of motors and control equipment in Canadian oil Market, Dominion offered wide range of products for oil producers, Dominion products consists of motors ranging from small fractional horse power (hp) unites to large horse power motors. Company also produced motor control and panel-board unites which would automatically and protect a motor. Company boasts to control little over 50% of the total market share at that time. Dominion Major Customers…

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  • Fly Girl Fly Festival

    Part of Manifesto’s 10th Annual Festival Art Show included a ten-day art exhibition called “Fly Girl Fly,” which launched on September 10, 2016. Fly Girl Fly was envisioned to be “a celebration of girl magic” that showcased the “creative brilliance and powerful perspectives of a talented group of female artists leading the way in painting, mixed media, photography and installation” (Facebook). The launch party of the exhibition on September 10 included live DJs and alcohol from 7:00 pm until…

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  • Genesis Chapter Summary

    Dominion theology can be highly divisive. Michael J McVicar, a lecturer from Ohio State University, wrote about the rise of the dominion theology in the US media. He asserted, “In the last decade, media coverage of ‘dominionism’ and ‘dominion theology’ and their supposed influence on conservative politicians has become increasingly visible in the US news press. Popular exposés using “dominionism” to frame the religio-political convictions of everyone from President George W. Bush to…

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  • Good Fortune Film Analysis

    "Good Fortune" outlines the harmful effects of development work in underdeveloped countries, specifically Kenya. The film focuses on two examples in Kenya: the Kenya Slum Upgrading Program (KENSUP) in Kibera and the Dominion Farms' program in Yala Swamp. KENSUP was a joint program with the Kenyan government and the U.S. government to improve the life of people and their health in Kibera. The first goal of this development program was to relocate the residents in Kibera so they could build…

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  • C. Contract Law From Christian Worldview Perspective

    c. Contract Law from Christian Worldview Perspective We as human beings have been given the dominion mandate, which requires us to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it . . . .” One way that we can effectively carry out this mandate is by entering agreements with others. Agreements with others enhance our ability to fulfill the dominion mandate by allowing us to trade goods and services we are proficient in providing for other goods and services we require.…

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  • Mapping The British World Summary

    Carl Bridge and Kent Fedorowich attempt to provoke thinking and encourage further research into the acquisition and control of white dominions in their article, ‘Mapping the British World’. They seek to define the term the ‘British World’ and what it meant to be ‘British’, whilst also undermining the stereotypical view of the British Empire as being largely London-Centric. Ultimately they argue that a ‘fresh look’ at British ‘diaspora’ is required and that it was this, aided by globalisation,…

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