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  • Analysis Of Lady Gaga

    “Assault the stage toward the close of the song, with the performance earning a standing ovation ( Editors 11). Gaga takes her change publicly not only for herself, but to have a voice in the media and to be seen on a different platform than before. Much like Chris Martins describes in his article, Lady Gaga’s “efforts to end bullying and win support for gay and transgender people -- as well as those who have suffered abuse, depression or anxiety as a result of prejudice” is deliberately a positive result of her authentic change to her star text. Not only has Tony Bennett worked with Lady Gaga who describes her as a resilient and defiant celebrity, but he has also worked with singer turned actress Barbra Streisand. Much like Streisand did many years ago, Gaga is conscious that career accomplishments are not limited only to her singing career, therefore, that she can excel, explore, and sharpen her talent for acting. Both stars are successful to reestablish their star text as they are both accepted and positively criticised in the media for their debut acting. Gaga certainly dives into the television industry right after her music career takes off once again. She lands herself a role in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story in the fifth season. Her performance in American Horror Story: Hotel immensely helps Lady Gaga complete her reinvention and concretes her name as a Golden Globe winner in history. In the series Gaga portrays a “bloodthirsty (and…

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  • Barbra Joan Streisand Research Paper

    Barbra Joan Streisand is an accomplished singer, talented actress, and a generous philanthropist. She came into the world we live in on April 24, 1942, in beautiful Brooklyn, New York. She was born to her lovely parents, Diana and Emanuel Streisand. Originally, her name was spelt “Barbara,” but she hated it. She changed it by dropping the extra “a.” Barbra has two siblings, Roslyn and Sheldon. Streisand is the only artist/actress to receive a Tony, an Emmy, multiple Grammys including the…

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  • Best Interpersonal Comunicator Analysis

    In everyday life, people usually do not consider how they are constantly gauging one another based on words exchanged between the two, either through small coffee talk, political disagreements, and even gossip. It may be by the language one uses, or the way the body reacts; however one thing that stands out is probably the way a person can make you feel. The people in my life that I interact with each has their own unique way of communicating, some good and some bad. So who are my best and worst…

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  • The Importance Of Culture In Skyscrapers

    As described on page 20, a skyscraper shows culture as a hierarchy where at the pinnacle of the skyscraper it 's a description of high culture or classy things that we like. However, visually it can be stated that we have less of class than we have of our guilty pleasures. It can also be stated that we have more guilty pleasures because as the shape of a skyscraper starts at the base that holds the flow of the building which is much bigger as you progress up to our idea of high culture. In other…

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  • Elvis Presley Research Paper Outline

    19) It was accounted for that he was perusing porn when he kicked the bucket: not genuine. 20) His hairdresser had recently given him called The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus. 21) Elvis was practically down and out when he passed on. 22) His father Vernon Presley had even given up an escort's percentage. 23) Elvis was crushed over the book Elvis, What Happened. 24) Elvis passed on with under one million dollars to his name. 25) Elvis made stand out business for an item amid…

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  • Susan Bordo Unbearable Body

    philosophies in a way that makes her writing easier for all audiences to fathom. By linking the extensively known celebrity, Cher, to the idea that “her various surgeries have gradually replaced a strong, decidedly (if indeterminately) "ethnic" look”, Bordo makes her argument clear and visible to the reader. These prominent refreces make the reader connect to the author’s real world problems she is aspiring to display; thus, persuading the reader to believe in the authors assessment and its…

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  • Themes In The Alchemist By Paul Coelho

    merchant is a Muslim, he is obliged to visit Mecca at least once and he has always dreamed of it (Coelho 21). However, when Santiago asks him why he has yet to visit Mecca, the crystal merchant tells him that “…it 's the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive…” and that he fears that “…if my dream is realized, I 'll have no reason to go on living (Coelho 22).” The crystal merchant’s fear has shackled him to his crystal shop because he fears lacking a sense of purpose, a solid reason to go on.…

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  • The Intelligent Investor

    Research is necessary to be successful in the stock market. By supporting its position, this paper will provide a survey of scholarship on the subject. In 2006, The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham with commentary by Jason Zweig discussed Peter Lynch’s rule: “No one should ever invest in a company, no matter how great its products or how crowded its parking lot, without studying its financial statements and business value” (Zweig 126). This rule contradicted the belief that one can pick…

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  • The History Of Women's Suffrage

    pregnant women in 1978, which helped them to sustain their jobs, without experiencing any kind of discrimination. More laws were passed for the protection of the pension rights for women, especially for widows and divorcées. Federal funds were granted to poor women, so that they could look after their family. Several laws were passed in 1993 and 1994 to protect the women from service bigotry and brutality. Women have been fighting for their rights for more than 200 years. Women have come a long…

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  • Watergate's Abuse Of Power

    also able to end the Vietnam War and take thousands of troops out of Vietnam, as well as his domestic issues such as his laws pertaining to the environment and creating the well-known federal agency called the EPA. The Enemy List Nixon and his administration had kept a running tab amongst people who had criticized Nixon in any way and came together with a myriad of names that we now know as the Enemy List. The list were actually two lists with the first one listing twenty names of senators…

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