W3C Markup Validation Service

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  • Pt1420 Unit 1 Research Paper

    Unit 1 web programming 1 written assignment Title: Run the HTML validating Tool Software Please provide the following explanations and answers in a single document and submit it using the Assignment activity below. 1. Identify 3 web sites, which you've visited in the past. Run the HTML validating software against each site. You can select any of the validating tools available online. 2. Provide comments on results of your exercise for each web site. Make sure to list any problems identified. Also provide a link to the validation tool you used. 3. for each site answer: What works well on this site? What could be improved? Introduction: If am not wrong I have submitted my assignment based on the given…

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  • Disadvantages Of Vector Animations

    As compared to shared servers, dedicated servers offer more capacity, flexibility and better security but at a higher price. Instead of offering more support than is available from shared and dedicated server web hosting services, colocation is rather a bare bones service that just houses servers in a data center and connects those servers to the internet. It doesn’t include the server hardware or any of the software and services that are necessary to operate a web site. Colocation by itself is…

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