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  • Pros And Cons Of College Athletes

    be getting paid for what they do? That itself is a million dollar question. For the purpose of this paper, I am going to focus on division one basketball players. It’s really an opinionated topic. A lot of people think that they should be paid and a lot of people believe that they should not be paid. The NCAA has plenty of money to pay division one basketball players and these players have plenty of reasons why they should be getting paid. They train harder than any average person will…

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  • Lebron James: What Makes A Successful Athlete

    The God given talent an athlete possesses is a key component to the amount of success they will achieve throughout their career. Talent is what separates a good player from a bench player. LeBron James can be considered as the best professional basketball player of recent years. He is a 3x NBA Champion along with 3 NBA Finals MVP awards, 4x Most Valuable Player, 12x NBA…

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  • Beyond Basketball: Coach K's Words For Success

    Beyond Basketball “You should never stop learning to own words. There are always more words, deeper meanings, and more stories to go with those words. Each time I witness one of these words in action, I come to own it more completely.” stated Mike Krzyzewski, known to many as Coach K. There are multiple words that can be used to explain plentiful situations in life, whether on or off of the basketball court. Some of those words, that do not seem to be right for the position that they are put in,…

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  • Mental Toughness Research Paper

    1098 Victories, A Couple of Irrelevant Losses, and a Life in Perspective: "The clearest insights I've ever heard about winning and losing come from my friend Pat Summitt, retired with 1,098 career victories, most of any college basketball coach of either gender. She was a huge confronter, not in an accusatory, finger-pointing way, simply a brutally frank assessor of her weaknesses. She had to analyze the loss before she could sleep - and sometimes that meant not sleeping for 48 hours…

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  • Summary: College Athletes Should NOT Be Paid

    Twenty-two points, six rebounds, and three assists are the stats of Shabazz Napier, star point guard for the University of Connecticut's basketball team. Napier has just won the NCAA championship game and receives the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Because of this, Napier has become somewhat of a poster boy for the NCAA. Thus, the media will be rushing to hear his now valued opinion. When being interviewed about a week after the game, Napier says that there are "hungry nights where I'm not…

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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

    One of the most talked about and controversial topics within college sports since the past decade is should college NCAA athletes be compensated? While this topic has really heated up in recent years, the term education or exploitation seems to accumulate. College athletes have often been exploited for their talents rather than receiving a profitable education. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a billion dollar organization that is responsible for regulating college athletes…

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  • Essay On Student Athletes Should Be Paid

    athletes never goes to their pockets, but instead to their universities and the NCAA. While these athletes on scholarship, the talent possessed by them brings in a wealth that outdoes the amount of their scholarship. Being a college football or basketball player can be a full-time job. These players invest their lives in the sport they play; some athletes can spend insane amounts of hours on one sport. Athletes spend time in their sport and also have classes to tend to every day. Because college…

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  • Should College Athletes Get Paid Research Paper

    Athletes getting paid to play has been discussed for long time now. College athletes feel as if they should be played to play since they are bringing in millions of dollars to the university. Some college athletes feel like they should be getting paid because they are the reason that the university is making millions of dollars, but the university doesn’t feel like they should pay them because they gave them a scholarship that covers the athlete’s tuition, housing and other things too through…

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  • Helgate: Heelgate Scandal In College

    BUZZY--UNC PRESENTATION— What we have begun to learn within all of these scandals is that big schools find loopholes for their student-athletes to boost their academics instead of these student-athletes fulfilling their academic requirements on their own. Regardless of what sport you play there are ways around going to class and getting good marks, so that you can focus more of your time towards the athletic side of your student athlete life. The University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill has been…

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