Big East Basketball Case Study

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The growth of sports can easily be correlated to the rise and influence communication had on the entire sports industry. As sports became more popular on radio and TV networks, the money and influence of sports figures began to grow over time. Many people have memories of lying awake listening to their favorite sports team on the radio or remembering where they were during important moments in sports history. According to Pederson, Miloch, and Laucella (2007) an influential time during the growing interest in sports occurred during the 1960s when “the Wide World of Sports brought highlights to millions of homes in 1961, the Super Bowl started its national broadcast in 1964, and the NFL began featuring a game of the week called Monday Night Football, which started in 1970.” (p. 50).

In the college game, the development of ESPN in 1979 led to a growth in the college game because it provided programing for the 24-hour network. While College Football was beginning to become popular on networks, ESPN provided an opportunity for colleges and universities to highlight their sports because of the wide variety of programming they were able to offer. The rise of Big East basketball can be directly correlated with the growth of college sports on television. When the league was founded in 1979, the Big East had a great marketing appeal because of its colorful cast of coaches, including Rollie Massimino
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The way journalists, teams, and leagues are able to find ways to appeal sports to the masses is a key factor in its growth over time. In addition, we now see team affinities far outreaching their regional borders. With the growth of sports over time, someone does not need to have a team locally to enjoy sports. The mass broadcast and communication of sports has created “destinations” out of stadiums, ballparks, and

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