Helgate: Heelgate Scandal In College

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What we have begun to learn within all of these scandals is that big schools find loopholes for their student-athletes to boost their academics instead of these student-athletes fulfilling their academic requirements on their own. Regardless of what sport you play there are ways around going to class and getting good marks, so that you can focus more of your time towards the athletic side of your student athlete life.
The University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill has been under investigation for certain scandals dating back to the early '90s. The biggest scandal from UNC has to do with student-athletes taking questionable classes to boost their GPA which allowed them to remain eligible for their sport. Another scandal UNC has been subject to investigation has to do with improper compensation to current and past athletes during their time at UNC. In this paper we will
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It started in the African and Afro-American (AFAM) studies program under direction of department chair Dr. Julius Nyang'oro and student services manager Debby Crowder. The AFAM program began to offer “paper classes” to student athletes, as well as regular students on campus. The classes never actually met and the only requirement for the class was to submit a single twenty page paper about the course topic that was loosely graded. In the internal investigation report released by the university, it said that Crowder and Nyang’oro were "primarily motivated to offer these classes by a desire to help struggling students and student-athletes." (Fiammetta 2014). These “paper classes” continued on for years. Even though these “paper classes” directly benefited athletes, they were not the only students involved. In fact, just over half of the enrollment in the classes was non-student-athletes. This in turn made it not only an athletic scandal, but also an academic

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