Summary: Should College Athletes Get Paid

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One of the many hotly debated topics today is whether or not collegiate athletes should receive compensation. College athletes have two arenas: the classroom and the game. One of the main questions debated over is: “Is it the university 's job to pay athletes?” College athletes generate money for their universities, while universities, offer students athletic scholarships to attend the school. Being a college-athlete can be very time-consuming, leading people to differ in opinion. The proponents of providing compensation for college athletes claim other students can earn or receive money therefore college athletes should be able to also, sports generate revenue for their college, and the compensation ban encourages corruption, while opponents …show more content…
Athletes and students attend college as an extra preparation before entering the “real world” . There is still a veil of innocence or “a sanctity amateur sports [give players that] would be violated if players were paid”(“Paying”). If college athletes were to be paid, they will be too worried about earning their payment, rather than playing for enjoyment while gaining an education. College athletes already receive scholarships that hold “little incentive to promote the “student” half of the student-athlete model”; what will keep a college-athlete locked into their studies if college players are already receiving paychecks(“Introduction”)? If college athletes get paid, it defeats the university’s purpose and makes the university unable to fulfill its duty and goal for their college-athletes to be educated at a higher level. Tia Brooks, former Oklahoma Track and Field runner, acknowledges “sometimes [she] had to go without stuff that [she] wanted in order to get stuff [she] needed(“Should”). Brooks’s testament goes a long way because what she is arguing is she was able to make it through her college years without being paid by spending her money wisely. The real solution isn’t to provide college athletes with more money, but to educate them on how to spend and manage their money properly, something a university is able to

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