Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Since the birth of the NCAA, college athletes have been battling the fight of whether they should be able to receive a salary when they play a sport at the Division One level in college. Universities on average earn millions of dollars of revenue from these athletes, but the athletes that make this revenue possible do not earn any money. College athletes should be compensated for their skills and for the attention and revenue that they bring to their college during the years that the athlete plays for that specific college.
March Madness is the biggest way that the NCAA gains revenue each year. March Madness is the annual basketball tournament for men’s and women’s Division I, II, III basketball. For the 2012-2013 March Madness season had
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The “Universities and the National Collegiate Athletic Association bake in billions from the exuberant fans and TV contracts, Branch wrote in an essay titled ‘The Shame of College Sports’-and its unfair to base this financial empire on the bone - crushing sacrifice of players who get none of the proceeds,” (Should College Athletes). Another way that the NCAA earns revenue from this tournament is the TV networks. The NCAA gave the rights to televise and broadcast the games to the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). Both companies combined paid a total of $771 to televise the event in 2011 (Should College Athletes). “That’s three-quarters of a billion dollars built on the backs of amateurs--on unpaid labor. The whole edifice depends on the player’s willingness to perform what is effectively volunteer work,”(Should College Athletes). An NCAA basketball team contemplated withdrawing from the March Madness tournament a few years ago. If the team was to withdraw and hold out from participating the tournament, arguably a domino effect would occur amongst the players causing the NCAA to lose millions in

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