Pros And Cons Of College Athletes

Should college athletes be getting paid for what they do? That itself is a million dollar question. For the purpose of this paper, I am going to focus on division one basketball players. It’s really an opinionated topic. A lot of people think that they should be paid and a lot of people believe that they should not be paid. The NCAA has plenty of money to pay division one basketball players and these players have plenty of reasons why they should be getting paid. They train harder than any average person will understand. They put in sweat and sacrifice for the colleges they represent. The NCAA may even benefit if they would pay these top notch athletes.
The NCAA is a non-profit organization that is a worth billions of dollars. This makes them one of the most successful organization, especially
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Not all of their money comes from basketball though. Basketball does play a major role though. Last year alone, basketball brought in approximately nine hundred and thirteen million dollars for the NCAA. Eighty-four percent of that came in less than a month. The NCAA Basketball Tournament or better known as March Madness made around seven hundred and seven million dollars last year, making it one of the most profitable time for the NCAA. A thirty second ad during the Final Four cost seven hundred thousand dollars to air.
Many people might think it would be nice to be an NCAA basketball player. They are famous, get tons of recognition, and are probably one of the most popular people on campus. Most people don’t know what a division 1 athlete’s day is like though. Tomeka Davis, a former college basketball player says “The mornings began at 5am with a 2 mile jog.” Most college students have no clue what 5am looks like outside. He then goes on to describe how he goes to morning classes, has lunch, and then back to afternoon classes. He can’t eat the school lunch though, because it wasn’t healthy for him. He would

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