The Importance Of Money In College Sports

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Over the past 10 years college sports has become more popular than it ever was across the united states and the world. And it has been attracting major money like billions of dollars for the league and the schools itself, from things like advertisements, charging for admissions, television stations like cbs , espn, nbc etc. so that being the case every one from the coaches to the staff to the league associates , to the referees get a very good amount of salary. With most of the money coming in from the players you would expect the players to be getting a good amount of the money especially in division 1 schools. But that 's not the case in the ncaa even though there bringing most of the money to the schools and the league the players …show more content…
Besides gear and in school treatments the players don 't receive anything for entertaining millions every night. While the league and schools are receiving billions of dollars yearly. The coaches also make an insane amount of money the yearly between duke university coach mike krzyzewski and bo ryan coach of wisconsin was a combined 12, 628,032. The ncca got an insane amount of 10.8 billion dollars from cbs and turner broadcasting for the rights to broadcast for 14 years.

In an article written by complex magazine jay bilas a espn college basketball analyst sits down and explains why ncaa athletes should be getting paid. He explains this topic has been a very talking point in the league for about 2 -
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The one and done is where college athletes go to school just one year and enter the nba draft, nfl draft, mlb draft etc. that 's happening more and more now days because players are hungry for money and don 't think about there education and what they 're going to do after their sports

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