Why Do College Athletes Get Paid

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Do you ever wonder what the Universities does with all the money they get from selling tickets, jersey/ fan apparel, or signing lucrative contracts? The NCAA and Universities have been treating college athletes poorly. College athletes are not classified as employees but they do all the work an employe would do. College athletes do not get paid, only receive a scholarship to the university, and they receive all of the stresses and hardly any of the benefits of being a college. Athletes deserve to be paid and no longer deserve the disrespect from the bully that is the NCAA All of the money goes straight to the university or the NCAA. The NCAA is a billion dollar organization. Out of all the money generated from tickets, jerseys, fan apparel, and lucrative contracts,deals the NCAA doesn't spread any of the wealth to any of the college athletes. “Then there’s March Madness on CBS and its neat $1-million-per-commercial rates for the Final Four”(204). And yet the college athletes receive no pay. Most athletes are awarded a scholarship for their …show more content…
What many fail to realize is that college athletes often stress over paying for daily necessities. Further compensation would elude some of the common stresses college athletes have on a daily basis such as buying food, paying for gas, and many other essential living needs. In addition, no matter how famous a player may be it is a violation of the rules for a player to profit from their fame. In fact college athletes can be fined for violating many strict rules or regulations. So how are college athletes supposed to get any money? Certainly not from the NCAA or any University at least for now. College athletes have been on the shorter end of the stick for ever and things need to change. No longer will we let the NCAA and Universities take advantage of so many college athletes they deserve to be paid

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