How Do Sports Have A Positive Impact On Society

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Sports can have a positive effect on society. They are one of the things that have made me the person I am today. Sports, mostly football and basketball, have shown me how to be a leader, how to stay active, how to persevere no matter how down you are , how it can help people in the community, and the ability to talk to people about the sports I love.
Sports have no doubt been an influence for a long time, from ancient times to now. The leadership that comes with sports is a big deal in my life. A leader in a sports team doesn’t have to be a great player, just a person who is there for their team. A good example of a great leader is LeBron James. Even though he is a great player he is a great leader. He led his team, which was a terrible team the year before he got there, to the NBA finals in just one year. Throughout my
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In my final year of playing basketball for my high school, I had to take a leadership role since I was one of the seniors. Even though I didn’t play much I had to encourage my team and help them through tough times we were facing throughout our dreadful season. As much as I wanted to play as much as our younger player, I had to lead them as a mentor more than a player. Another way I have developed leadership is by coaching basketball and football. In 2011 I took on as an assistant football coach for a boys and girls club. It was one of the most exciting experiences to help kids, develop them into players, and be a positive influence in the community. That first year was a learning experience for me being a coach as well as a leader. Since then I was coached multiple teams in football and basketball. Coaching is one of

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