Effects Of Shay's Rebellion

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During this time America is becoming more and more stable. In America little influence was provided by Europe. This era included the idea of republicanism and John Locke’s social contract. Although the March of the Paxton boys did not show results, Shay’s rebellion and the regulator movement had been significantly successful in the ideas addressed.
The March of the Paxton boys was not significantly helpful in changing the government because of the lack of effects after the March. The causes of the March of the Paxton Boys were Native Americans in the region had pillaged and scalped frontier people and the effects were little to none. Several raids of native tribes in the frontier land of Pennsylvania had become the cause Susquehannock massacre.
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Shay’s rebellion was significant because it exposed the lack of power the government had and caused people to think of reforming. The cause of Shay’s rebellion was a lack of power of the Federal government had. The lack of power of the Federal government made it so the Federal government could not tax. The lack of taxation created a large amount of unpayable debt. Shay’s rebellion was due because of lack of currency and the high expense of debt. Farmers could not pay for their land and arrests happened until payment, but in order to make even a cent, the arrested men would have to work on their farms. Daniel Shay led a rebellion against the Massachusetts state government to protect the poor farmers of Massachusetts. The effects of the rebellion brought light to the fact of a weak national government under the Articles of Confederation. The people began to see a need in stronger federal government. Causing a change of beliefs in colonial America. The power to tax was a must to get rid of the war debt created by the revolution. The exposure of a need for a stronger federal government and financial stability happens because of the increased debt in America and the arresting of poor …show more content…
The causes of the Regulator movement were the dishonest government and the lawlessness in North and South Carolina. The cause of the Regulator movement was government officials would collect taxes and then erase the amount collected in order to gain more money. This would happen over and over again. When a new governor, William Tryon, came into office the process of the shakedowns continued to happen. A group of people created an association to fight the corrupt government. After the battles and deaths, the battles were over. Trials commenced the hanging of regulators. In North Carolina, the Regulators were rebels.The cause of the Regulator movement was the lawlessness of South Carolina. Outlaws would raid towns and without a proper sheriff and judge in place, the outlaws got away. In South Carolina, a Regulator movement created to reinsert order. The organization appealed to the state courts, to help their cause. .The effects of the Regulator movement was not immediate, but long term. For other states began to see the corrupt methods of the North Carolina government. The effects of the Regulator movement was the creation of law and order with the addition of six court districts. The organization had created a lawful environment and displayed Regulators as vigilantes instead of rebels. The rebellion against the government and the

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