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  • Vicksburg: A Turning Point In The Civil War

    Sherman forwarded that assault on the Mississippi state capital in Jackson. The two armies involved at the Battle of Vicksburg were the Union Army of Tennessee and the Confederate Army of Mississippi. The Confederate Army consisted of roughly 33,000 men and was under the command of Lt. Gen. John C. Pemberton, who was a native of Pennsylvania and had chosen to fight for the Confederacy. The Union Army consisted of roughly 77,000 men and, as previously stated, was under the command of Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. This battle would last just shy of 2 months, officially starting on May 18, 1863 and ending July 4, 1863 with many wounded and killed and in the fighting (Wikipedia,…

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  • First Coca-Col The Girl Scout Movement

    9. 1886: First Coca-Cola Coca-Cola was sold for the very first time for five cents on May 8, 1886, in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola was created by the pharmacist John Pemberton at Jacobs Pharmacy. The history of Coca-Cola is important to Georgia, given a brand of soft drinks made right in the city of Atlanta that has and may well always flourish. Uniquely, Coca-Cola will always be history. 10. 1912: Girl Scout The Girl Scout movement was founded when 18 girls held their first meeting at the home…

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  • Coca Cola Summary

    The history of Coca-Cola its began in 1886 by a pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton from Atlanta U.S. He creates a characteristic tasting soft drink. Dr. John S. Pemberton create a syrup for his pharmacy and accidentally that syrup was mixed with carbonated water and at that moment Coca-Cola soft drink was created. Everyone in his neighborhood that tried that syrup liked it very much. The partner and bookkeeper Frank M. Robinson create the name and the designing that is still used today. The…

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  • Disposable Diapers Case Study

    The diaper, also known the nappy in South Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Zimbabwe) is an undergarment that allows a stool or urine. In 1956, Procter & Gamble began to study the disposable diaper. Mills (reference year), who is a general chemist engineer at Procter & Gamble also grandfather, frequently changed, washed and dried his grandson’s wet cotton cloths. So, in order to make easier this job he invented producing diapers that was trademarked as "Pampers".…

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  • Coke Imperialism

    government also sent several samples of the products to labs for testing. Coca Cola questioned the testing methods arguing that it was flawed. The dispute lasted for three years. Introduction: Coca-Cola, said to be the No. 1 Brand in the world has been flourishing in the soft drink industry for over 100 years. However, despite their success they have come across a number crisis along the way. One such crisis happened on August 5, 2003, when the Centre for Science and Environment(CSE) issued a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Daniel Webster

    Many people who live in the United States appreciate the Constitution as well as the supreme power of the government to regulate things. Daniel Webster was an influential man when it came to the authority of the federal government. He voiced his response to Vice President John C. Calhoun after the state of South Carolina resisted the Tariff of 1828 because they believed that it would raise the cost of importing manufactured goods that would benefit the Northern States. The state of South…

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  • The Age Of Jackson And The Art Power Analysis

    William Nester, The age of Jackson and the Art Power 1815-1848. Dulles Virginia: Potomac Books, 1956. The age of Jackson although I felt as if it was a hard book to spot the main argument it was an overall good read and interesting. This book really dives into the life of Jackson and tells him from birth to death. I feel as if Nesters argument was just showing the way at which Jackson personified the era and, as he stated on page 2, was the titan if the thirty-three years from 1815 to 1845 and…

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  • The Role Of Henry Clay In American History

    During the election, a major event happened and Henry Clay was almost directly responsible for it. That event would later be dubbed the “Corrupt Bargain” by Andrew Jackson. During the election, there were four major candidates, William Crawford, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay. (Citation needed) During the election, Jackson won more of the popular vote and electoral vote but there was no clear majority. (Citation needed) The vote went to the House of Representatives where Henry…

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  • How Did Andrew Jackson Use His Power

    increasing presidential power, and imposing and enforcing unconstitutional acts. Since he was a part of the federal government, Andrew Jackson was very controlling and concerned with maintaining the government’s power. Jackson helped the federal government by gaining strength. One way he helped the government was during the Nullification Crisis. Proposed by John C. Calhoun, Jackson’s vice president, the Nullification Theory allowed states to null or void a law by the federal government. This…

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  • Seneca Falls Convention Analysis

    Before the events of the Nullification Crisis took place, Andrew Jackson appointed John Eaton as his Secretary of War. John Eaton had married a tavern maid woman by the name of Margaret Peggy. Consequently, when he married Peggy, it caused John Eaton to become plagued with scandal because of high-status women in Jackson’s political party began to slander and gossip about Peggy marrying out of her social class. Floride Calhoun, the wife of Andrew Jackson’s vice president, was the ringleader of…

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