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  • The Importance Of Laws In The United States

    I’ve always told myself what America would be without laws. The more I thought about it sounded scary. Laws are so important in our society in order for society to be peaceful our government must have to imply laws. Every state has law enforcement that has duties to fellow and protect their communities and people that are visiting that state too. New York City has gone thought a lot the past two years with cops getting killed. Laws are not different or special for any individual breaking the law and committing a crime will have serious consequences. Our government has announce they will continue to hire the double of law enforcement for states that need it the most. This officers serve to protect our communities and risk their life every day and they deserve…

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  • The Rule Of Law In The United States

    As John Adams puts it, the Framers of the Constitution intended for the United States to be a “government of laws and not of men” (Diarmuid). The Rule of Law requires that “all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the State itself,” should remain liable to natural laws, basic human rights, and laws established by Congress, executed by the President, and reviewed by the Courts (Friedersdorf). It is important as a society to educate ourselves about our fundamental…

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  • Banning Sharia Law In The United States

    Opponents may argue that the SHARIA law does in fact pass the Lemon Test. They would say it is in fact secular because it protects the U.S. Constitution, the law has not inhibited Islam or Muslim Americans, and that it limits U.S. entanglement with religion by preventing religious views from being considered in U.S. courts. However, they fail to see how by banning Sharia law, they are forcing the State to engage in religious issues, as shown through Awad v. Ziriax. It is clear that the SHARIA…

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  • The Importance Of Immigration Laws In The United States

    Immigration laws in the United States of America has become a quite controversial topic in today 's society. (CAP immigration team) ” The foreign-born population consisted of 40.7 million people in 2012.” A large portion of people in foreign countries desire to become American citizens due to the lack of freedoms of things like speech or religion. Every day there are illegal aliens that are sneaking into our country in order to escape their societies. (Krogstad and Passel) “Unauthorized…

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  • Compulsory Voting Law In The United States

    I certanily agree with you that in the past years the governments relationship with the citzens have changed dramatically. I too mentioned that today people do not understand the importance of voting. I never really thought about the fact that people do not vote simply because they do not trust the government. I have never understood why we are seen as the model of democracy when our voting turnouts have been tremendously low in the past decades. As you mentioned countries like Belgium and…

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  • Gun Control Laws In The United States

    hands of United States citizens (Krouse). These statistics have rallied many gun-control opponents and proponents to action. Gun control opponents believe that the answer to this problem is to loosen gun control laws to dissuade potential shooters. Gun control proponents believe that the answer is to tighten gun control laws so that a gun is never put into a potential shooter’s hands. The best way to find an answer to this predicament is to compare the United States’ current gun control…

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  • Supremacy Clause: United States Law

    Supremacy Clause The constitution of the United States grants certain rights to the federal government and to the state government. Both the federal and state governments can make laws. Any laws made by a state will be binding on their territory under its jurisdiction while federal laws bind all states. unless there is a state law that directly contradicts the federal law. When laws begin contradicting the supremacy clause comes in. The Supremacy Clause is found in the second paragraph of…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Laws In The United States

    Imagine the world without mass shootings, homicides, or gang violence. This same world can exist with hunters that collect guns as well as families that own guns for self-defense in households. Most people do not see that there is a strong need for an increase in gun control in the United States. Americans take pride in the pioneering role and the United States’ culture being built on the Second Amendment. This amendment states that Americans have the right to bear arms. The population of firm…

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  • Gun Control Laws In The United States

    In the United States, gun control has been a huge debate. Some people just want to get rid of it altogether, or even just simply leave it the same. Others think that there should be more, and that some places don’t do a good enough job enforcing their gun control policies. These different views show that gun control laws are extremely debatable as both sides have very convincing arguments. According to John Patterson, the director of protective services at Mercyhurst University and a…

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  • Shriah Law: Loyalty To Islam In The United States

    Muslims throughout the world choose loyalty to Islam opposed to loyalty to the country of residence. The allegiance to Islam disconcerting to the US Constitution and Western Civilization has its own Shriah Law. And since the Koran instructs Sharia as absolute citizens cannot petition nor protest or voice an opinion. The notion of peaceful Muslims can only exist if every Muslim pledge allegiance to the United States of America. Studies shown in England, Germany, France, and Spain concluded that…

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