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  • Nashville Skyline Analysis

    released on April 9th, 1969, during his sabbatical from touring. The album was distributed by Columbia Records, produced by Bob Johnston and, as the name implies, was recorded entirely in Nashville over the span of just nine days (February 12th- 21st) (Sounes, 237). His first entirely country album, Nashville Skyline took both critics and the public by surprise by not only premiering a new Dylan sound, but also by showing a more personal, optimistic style of lyricism. Perhaps even more surprising than Dylan’s new sound was its positive commercial reception: Nashville Skyline charted #3 in the US’s 1969 Billboard Top 200 and #1 in the UK’s 1969 Top 75 (ChartArchive). The album also produced three charting singles: “I Threw it All Away,” “Lay Lady Lay,” and “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You. (Sounes, 238)” The critical reception of Nashville Skyline was varied, though primarily positive. Paul Nelson wrote in the May 31st, 1969 issue of Rolling Stone, “It could well be what Dylan thinks it is, his best album. (Nelson, 1969)” One of the most defining features of Nashville Skyline is its sound, both instrumentally and vocally. The album’s overall aesthetic is distinctly country—a genre that Dylan had briefly hinted at in the final two tracks of his preceding album, John Wesley Harding. The country sound of the tracks on Harding as well as on Nashville Skyline may largely be attributed to the city in which they were recorded, as well as both albums having shared the same…

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  • Personal Ethical Perspectives Of The Fraud Case

    1. Personal ethical perspectives: 1.1. One of the most important fraud case in USA was The Enron case because of his criminal activity which involved a big part of USA. Let me give a short introduce about it, “In 1974, Kenneth Lay joined the Florida Gas Company, eventually serving as president of its successor company, Continental Resources Company. In 1981, he left Continental to join Transco Energy Company in Houston, Texas. Three years later, Lay joined Houston Natural Gas Co. as chairman…

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  • Sumitomo Corporation Case Study

    Sumitomo Copper Scandal (1995) Impacts on the Sumitomo Corporation The Sumitomo Copper estimated that the copper scandal, the financial scandal, gave rise to losses of $1.8 billion in June 1995. According to the company, the case would not affect their activeness and they would swallow the entire loss in the current fiscal year, which was about nine months after it took place. In order to cover the $1.8 billion losses, they would set aside a fund from the original executive bonuses and canceled…

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  • Enron The Smartest Guys In The Room Analysis

    tension as they were performing bad and they had to manipulate the reality, they had to be creative and always invent new ways to cheat as failure was not an option. They did not stop acting like this even after the Valhalla Scandal where, for the first time, people doubted of the integrity, truthfulness and moral rectitude of Enron. To cover the reality, they soon started to create offshore phony books, to present falsified bank records and to destroy daily trading records. Fastow created many…

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  • Enron Scandal Case

    1. Kenneth Lay’s values and vision were not met by the business practices of Enron. Enron claimed to be an ethical company, but that turned out not to be the case. They lied to their stakeholders by telling them that the company was in great financial shape when in reality they were not. The reason for the lie was to make sure that investors kept investing in the company. The lies hurt many of their stakeholders because it eventually led to their downfall which meant loss jobs within the…

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  • Enron Fraud Analysis

    Each were aware of the enron code of ethics however they did no longer follow it. Kenneth lay former ceo become indicted on 11 crook counts of fraud and making misleading statements. Jeff skilling became indicted on 35 counts of twine fraud, securities fraud, conspiracy, making false declaration on monetary reviews, and insider buying and selling. Subsequently both had been responsible for disintegrate of…

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  • Analysis Of A Bag Of Potato Chips

    size, there were several steps taken. The first, was that there were two different stores that the chips were bought from. The stores were Walmart and Target, both part of the top eleven retail stores in the U.S. This was done to create an opportunity for the bags of chips to be from different batches. If they came from the same batch, then it would not show that there is a persistent problem with the packaging process. This premise was the same base for spreading the collection over a time…

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  • Mesothelioma Case Study

    Mesothelioma settlements Part 3 Mesothelioma verdicts if the plaintiff doesn’t agree to a settlement, the case will go to courtroom. In asbestos-related cases, the plaintiff will receive a verdict at the end of the trial. The compensation varies depending on whether the jury considers the defendants are legally responsible for their actions that harmed the plaintiff. In such cases, the legal responsibility would be for exposure to asbestos and the harm is often untreatable disease (mesothelioma…

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  • Sherron Wilkinson Enron Fraud Case

    by sending a memo to Kenneth Lay, the founder of Enron, giving caution she knew the company was at a great risk of finding themselves in a dilemma. The dilemma would be the product of many financial accounting scandals. Enron is a company that buys and sales energy from different companies and according to Patrick Rogers, was worth $74 billion in 2001, and was developed by Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling in 1985. Enron would be a successful company for years, until Sherron Watkins blew the…

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  • Penn West Case

    The Chief Financial Officer David Dyck discovered $300-million in expenses were misclassified after he attempted a re-examination of the company’s accounting practices. CEO Dave Robert gained an “individual account” of 185%. When working out the full compensation, his total compensation roughly totalled $3.5 million for the year. After news of accounting irregularities, Penn West Petroleum Ltd. shares falling 17.4% before pulling back. Penn West shares closed at $8.57, down 13.78%, still some…

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