Gun Control Laws In The United States

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In the United States, gun control has been a huge debate. Some people just want to get rid of it altogether, or even just simply leave it the same. Others think that there should be more, and that some places don’t do a good enough job enforcing their gun control policies. These different views show that gun control laws are extremely debatable as both sides have very convincing arguments.

According to John Patterson, the director of protective services at Mercyhurst University and a registered gun safety course instructor, there are many purposes for owning a firearm. A gun is an inanimate object, as it cannot take action by itself. A gun is used as a tool. Its purpose can be used for good, but in worse cases it can be used for bad as well.
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In fact, many adults were surveyed by a "Pew Research Survey" and 83% of all adults supported background checks and bans on assault weapons with a high magazine capacity. Banning guns with a high mag capacity could prevent mass shootings because it makes it harder to kill many people at once ("Should more gun control laws be enacted?"). Also, most people like to save money, or even just like money. If more laws were enacted, those laws could save every citizen and the government lots of money in tax revenue. According to the "Pacific Insitute for Reasearch" each person in the U.S. loses $564 per year and the government loses $5.5 billion per year paying for gun related crimes. Lastly, people for gun control believe that the Second Amendment is not a 100% right to bear arms. The right to carry a concealed weapon is also not protected by the Second Amendment. Their reasoning is to protect the gun ownership and rights of guns to the militia, not individuals. Showing that individuals don’t need to own firearms ("Should more gun control laws be …show more content…
In the United States 75% of all deaths are categorized in ten cases. Accounting for 50% of that top ten are the top three, and those are, heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease. Guns are not even in the top ten cause of death. Also, according to the Center for Disease Control, or CDC, one is twice as likely to die from a poisoning than from a firearm. One is also six times as likely to die from a fall. In 2016 three times as many people died from intoxication rather than all gun related violence, including terrorism. Of gun related violence over ½ of gun deaths were suicides. Suicides do not necessarily mean mental illness or depression; a suicide is when someone gives up and doesn’t think that they can continue. Also, according to the Drug Administration Enforcement, or DEA, someone is more than four times as likely to die from a drug overdose than a gun suicide or homicide. Prescription drug overdoses are more than two times as common than gun homicides. Homicides are not a leading cause of death in the U.S. and gun homicides are even less than that. Even when gun deaths are accidental, those deaths are labeled at two tenths of every 100,000 deaths (Patterson). No, gun control is not a high cause of death. Research proves that there are many other things that someone is more likely to die from rather than a gun. Therefore, showing that more gun control laws are not needed.

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