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  • Equal Rights For Women

    The article made mention that the sexism of Harvard President Lawrence Summers, was his downfall after he suggested that men have biological traits that make them superior in the scientific community over women, this is a huge controversial issue for women in science. A group of mostly female scientists called the NAS committee spoke at Harvard and the American Enterprise Institute to bring light to the gender bias they face daily. One speaker, Maria Zuber, conducted studies that concluded that girls tend to do better than boys when tested on thing learned in class rather than new thing they have to think their way through. Women are not getting an equal opportunity in the scientific industry, there are talks of initiating programs to eradicate biases and invoking Title IX of the Civil Rights Act to bring down…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Good Hours By Robert Frost

    The poem “Good Hours” by Robert Frost is a poem that alludes the feeling of solitude and loneliness to its readers. Frost himself faced a great deal of heartbreak in his time. While “Good Hours” is one of his lesser known poems, it is no doubt beautiful and artistic in the least. Much like almost all of Frost’s poems, this poem uses nature to reveal and analyze the narrator’s feelings. Renowned poet, Robert Frost, in his poem, “Good Hours”, describes a scenic walk through a village on a winter…

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  • Fall Experience

    diversity in the environment plus the perfect weather accompanying this amazing time of the year. I was eight years old when I first traveled to the United States. It was on the winter of the 2000. My parents decided to come on winter, so that my sisters and I could have the opportunity to see the snow. The moment when I met the snow for the very first time; was kind of shocking. I spent the first eight years of my life watching it on movies, but having no idea how it would feel like to touch…

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  • Summer Break Benefits

    they wait for the final bell to ring, the signal that announces the start of summer break…but it never comes. As “horrifying” as that sounds, that has been the norm for 10% of publicly-enrolled students, or about 3,000 schools residing in the United States according to the educational company, Niche on their statistical data about year-round schooling. This issue has been debated time after time and is widely loathed by many adolescents; most who have never experienced the benefits that emerge…

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  • How To Write A Life Changing Moment Essay

    During summer, teenagers and younger children seem to have a great time catching up with family, friends, or anyone who they have not communicated with as frequently due to the pressure and stress of the school year. With summer comes many life changing moments for teenagers as they approach another year in high school. While some of these life changing moments assist teenagers in becoming a more mature version of themselves, some life changing moments leave teenagers hanging, hopelessly waiting…

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  • 12 Month School Year Research Paper

    Ariana A 12 month school year! Are you one of those students that is lagging or failing in school. Well, a 12-month school year will help you get your grades up. The problem is that students are lagging behind in school, just because of summer vacation slide. ……. The solution is to get your child to go to a 12 month school. They still do the same activities as a 10 month school, it's just that there is no summer break.…

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  • Summer Budget Proposal

    According to Pahl and Richter (2007), threats are possible events or forces outside of the organization’s control that must be plan for or agree upon how to mitigate. One of the biggest threats that PCA faces is low enrollment during the summer months. It is unfortunate that in the general area, parents do not seek summer child care. Because summer months’ fees are usually higher based on summer activities, parents tend to find alternative child care which means that children will not be…

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  • Should Schools Have A Year-Round Schedule?

    Do you think that your school should have a Year-Round schedule? If you do then you will have to consider the pros and cons of the schedule. Is this schedule easy? No, it is not you must consider how year-round school operates, the positives, and negatives. First, you must learn how the year-round plan operates. The 45-15 plan works like this “In which children attend school for 45 days then have three weeks off.” Year-round schools also give breaks around holidays like normal schedules do so…

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  • Informative Essay: Labor Day In The United States

    When it first began, a festival would be provided for the workers, their families and friends. Today, the celebration custom follows a similar pattern. Families everywhere celebrate the holiday with barbeques, beach goers get one final day at their favorite location, weather permitting, and shoppers are provided with Labor Day sales. One of the well-known discounts offered during this holiday is the back-to-school sale. It has been reported by retailers as the second largest sale date of the…

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  • The Rain And Rain In The Great Gatsby

    relationship between Gatsby and Daisy. The rain and sunshine when Gatsby and Daisy first meet after five years reflect Gatsby’s nervousness at first and set the emotional tone of the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy from embarrassment to comfort in chapter 5. As a very crucial point in the novel, the setting of Gatsby and Daisy’s first meeting after five years of separation starts with a rainy day in early summer. Nick depicts the weather of that day as “the day agreed upon was pouring…

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