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  • Tailing Ponds Case Study

    Tailing ponds are one of the greatest environmental challenges that the Oil Sands Industries of Alberta and other locations in the world face today. Tailing Ponds can be described as large “dump holes” in which the industry exposes of all the waste materials obtained from the refinement of Bitumen - a raw material which can be processed into oil. Tailing Ponds include many different types of waste materials such as water, fine silts, residual bitumen, salts and soluble organic compounds. They also include solvents that are added to the oil sands during the separation process. After the oil has been extracted from the sand the residue is dumped into the tailings and quickly settles to the very bottom. A layer on top of the hardened sand is a mixture of clay and tailing called fine tailing. This mixture of clay and water is highly unstable in the environment as it takes many years to settle and solidify, even after many years the texture of this mixture may be that of yogurt. it may take as long as or even more than 30 years for a tailing pond to fully be reclaimed. The main reason why I chose this ecological issue of tailing ponds is because as a Canadian citizen who lives in Alberta, Fort McMurray - a city which has often been labeled the least environmentally…

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  • Research Paper Chromatography

    inflammatory diseases. In literature, many works have been done in separation and quantification of aspirin and its derivative (salicylic acid) in combinations with drugs like caffeine in tablets using HPLC techniques. However, this work aims at confirming the presence and quantification of aspirin in an unknown sample (tablet) using HPLC separation technique. This was achieved by the preparation of spiked solutions of standard crystalline aspirin sample which was used as a reference point in…

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  • What Is AMD?

    Acid Mine Drainage Prevention 1. Surface water dispersion The purpose of this action is minimizing water in contact with the potential acid material. The method is easy to apply but need to be careful in diverting the water. 2. Soil compaction The purpose of this step is to reduce the soil permeability. It means reducing the hydraulic conductivity and diffusion of oxygen. This action will reduce the water penetrate the tailing and sulfide metal oxidation. 3. Dry covers The purpose of this…

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  • Freeport Indonesia Case Study

    a. What is your evaluation of Freeport’s Indonesia environmental management? The company has several environmental issues, the most important ones are: Mount Jaya glaciers: There is evidence that proves that the firm’s activities do not affect glaciers, the company did well in not applying any particular measure. Overburden storage: The firm made a good decision by developing short, medium and long-term plans and by designing a stable stockpile to prevent problems that its activities may…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Butte Mining

    Although stipulations were set, the companies felt no need to have their laborers comply with them, thus setting up a battle between the industry and EPA workers. With neither party backing down, multiple court hearings took place over an extensive period of time. This would ultimately allow the mining companies the time they needed to squeeze every last bit of profit from the ground, leaving behind damaging tailings and dangerous chemicals in their wake. Open-pit mining would at last be put…

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  • Swot Analysis For Nordstrom

    However, I wouldn’t recommend expanding outside of the United States with their brick and mortar retail channels. I think they should focus on their on-line channels like Huatelook. This way, with e-tailing, Nordstrom will only need to focus on the logistics of shipping merchandise around the world. This is a great expansion staring point because Nordstrom would be able to measure the success of their products throughout different sections of the world. This means that in the future, according…

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  • System Suitability Results For Lamivudine, Zidovudine And Nevirapine

    results for Lamivudine, Zidovudine and Nevirapine Parameters Lamivudine Zidovudine Nevirapine Retention time 2.327 2.864 5.608 Area 212473 338930 228426 USP Plate count 2715.09 3350.07 4979.51 USP Tailing 1.38 1.32 1.18 Linearity A linear correlation coefficient factor was obtained between the concentrations of Lamivudine, Zidovudine and Nevirapine versus the peak area. The calibration curves were linear for concentrations between 15-150 µg/mL. The linearity of the calibration curves…

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  • Impacts Of Seafloor And Massive Sulfide Mining Technology

    III. Seafloor and Massive Sulfide Mining Technology Although there will be technological variations in the mining equipment required for each type of mineral deposit, the basic concept and methodology for recovery is similar. In each case, a collector vehicle will make contact with the seafloor and collect the mineral deposits. In the case of SMS, and cobalt crusts, this will require cutting or breaking the mineral deposits from the substrate. The mined materials, combined with seawater, will be…

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  • Essay On Pyrite Mine

    Brukunga mine site, gold, silver and copper is rich in sulfuric acid. When these minerals are mixed with water and air including rock piles, tailing, underground tunnels, leach pads and tailings which they react to form sulfuric acid. When this sulfuric acid water is exposed to pure water, discolouration occurs, and since the acid is a reactant, it has the ability to dissolve harmful metals like arsenic from rocks. AMD is also known as “yellow boy”. It gets its name from its physical appearance…

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  • Nuclear Energy Cost Essay

    disproportionately impacted indigenous people because much of the world’s uranium is located on indigenous land (PSR).” When uranium is mined, the leftover materials are called tailings. The authors at world-nuclear.org note that all of the mining equipment not able to be sold at the end of a project “is usually buried with the tailings,” underground (Uranium Mining Overview). The disposal sites for uranium pose a threat for significant contamination. Because uranium has a longer half-life than…

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