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  • Feeling And Thought, Abstraction, By Paul Gauguin

    The article is a collection of exerts from letters and documents drafted by Paul Gauguin. The letters were initially conceived between the years of 1885 and 1901 within varying parts of the world. In these manuscripts he writes to his friend Emile Schuffenecker, who was also a Post-impressionist painter, as well as Emile Bernard, and Daniel de Monfried, who was also an art colletion enthusiast. The letters were often depicted as being comprised mainly of debates about what is and is not considered art, and one must go about presenting their work as an artist. Feeling and Thought, Abstraction, and Shadows are mainly about the very nature of painting, how one creates a painting, how one paints correctly, and how one forms an educated critique about the painting, thus involving the reader in the entire life of the painting. Feeling and Thought, takes a long in depth argument on how the success of one’s masterpiece is completely dependent on, the artists relation to oneself and their history, and states that painting also demands both intellect and passion in order to be successful. Within Abstraction he shows his true passion for the subject matter as well as eagerness to motivate the next generation of artists by saying that…

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  • Analysis Of Ephemeral 'Fugitive Contingent' By Charles Baudelaire

    revolution in pictorial technique. Having lived in Paris, Gauguin, Van Gogh and Cézanne were actively involved with the Impressionist…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh As A Mad Genius Essay

    He did this after having a fight with his Paul Gauguin, with whom he lived with and had a seemingly turbulent relationship. Van Gogh seems to have idealized a life in which he and Gauguin lived and created together at the home van Gogh spent months preparing for Gauguin, known as the Yellow House. In this time of optimism van Gogh was highly productive. His famous sunflower series was painted for the guest room at the Yellow House (Charles 90). Unfortunately, once Gauguin arrived another decline…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Research Paper

    Arles were the same as the ones in Japan, causing him to not make the trip. In 1888, van Gogh moved into the “yellow house”. He spent his money on paint, putting food to the side. Van Gogh lived of coffee, bread, and absinthe during the December of 1888. His physical and mental health were on the decline. He was eating paint at this time. Theo was worried about his brother. He paid Paul Gauguin to go live with Vincent. These two constantly argued causing VIENNA, JACOB-VINCENT VAN GOGH Paul to…

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  • Post Impressionism Era Of Art

    Gachet,” was created in 1890. It is a piece of artwork depicting his doctor and friend Paul Gachet sitting at a table and leaning his head on his right hand. There are two versions of the piece that were made by Vincent Van Gogh. The first one was the original version, and it contained many colors with a primary focus on yellow and dark gray. The second one, the version made for Paul Gachet’s collection, contained more of an emphasis on the color blue. Both pieces were created as post…

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  • The Seed Of Areoi Analysis

    Discrimination against women is most likely the most subtle and ubiquitous kind of discrimination humans have against a particular group. Three aspects of the oppression of women usually include them as fantasies for men, women as the sex that drives men insane, and what the “ideal” woman should be. In the downtown Museum of Modern Art, one painting displays these three aspects of the repression of the natural woman: The Seed of Areoi, painted by the French artist Paul Gauguin on burlap material…

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  • Example Of Impressionism In Art

    focused on romanticized nudes and great portrayals of nature. In his dissent, Courbet financed a display of his work appropriate inverse the Universal Exposition in Paris of 1855, an intense demonstration that prompted the rise of future specialists that would challenge existing conditions. Presentations in Paris and the salon des refuses: In 1863, at the official yearly craftsmanship salon, the immeasurably essential occasion of the French workmanship world, an expansive number of craftsmen…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh

    coffee, bread and absinthe, and found himself feeling sick and strange. Before long, it became apparent that in addition to suffering from physical illness,his psychological health was declining; around this time, he is known to have sipped on turpentine and eaten paint. Van Gogh was very mentally ill and was thought to have killed a man. He was admitted to a hospital and was found with low blood supply and violent out bursts. Van Gogh lived alone and was extremely depressed. He turned to…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh As A Role Model

    “I put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.” This is one of many quotes made by Vincent Van Gogh, a famous artist from the 1800’s. He loved to paint, he believed painting and being an artist was his destiny; his calling. But sadly, he developed many mental and a few physical problems while fulfilling his destiny, thus why he lost his mind. But, he was not completely alone when these disorders happened, he had his brother, Theo, to help him. Theo encouraged…

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  • The Scream Analysis

    The art works, “The Haywain” by John Constable and “The Scream” by Edvard Munch, are two different types of painting that represent the two movements of art work which is Romanticism and Expressionism through their style of art paintings. The well known and well represented the style of art work of romanticism, which is “The haywain” painted in 1821, Constable was the English painter during 18th century. He was a mainly outdoor of landscapes painter that he painted the nature scenery as he saw…

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