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  • Paul Revere: American Folk Hero

    The Life of Paul Revere Paul Revere is an American folk hero that is well known by many people. He played a crucial part in starting the American Revolution. Paul Revere was a silversmith who became a patriot and took part in the Boston Tea Party and was a crucial member of Boston's Committee of Correspondence. He is most famously known for his ride to warn the American minutemen of the approaching british. Paul Revere was born to Apollos Rivoire, a french immigrant, and Deborah Hichborn on January 1, 1735. Apollos changed his name when he came to America to Paul so Paul Revere is named after his father. Paul Revere’s dad was an artisan and when he got older he became an apprentice under his father. When Revere was nineteen his father…

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  • Paul Revere Jr.: Bostonian Revolution

    PAUL REVERE Paul Revere was born in Boston Massachusetts on December 22, 1734. He was the son of Apollos Rivoire (father) and Deborah Hichborn (mother). His father was a French Protestant silversmith who came to America and he later "anglicized" his name as Paul Revere. Deborah Hichborn and Paul Revere Sr. had 12 children together, Paul Revere Jr. was the second oldest out of his 11 brothers and sisters. Boston had very good public schools during the time when Paul Revere Jr. Was growing up,…

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  • Paul Revere And His Impact On American History

    Paul Revere and His Impact on American History Paul Revere is a man whose name and legacy will live on throughout the years to come. His bold actions helped to shape America into the country it is today. With Paul Revere’s help, The United States was able to gain its independence from the British during the Revolutionary War. Aside from his contributions to the American Revolution, Paul Revere was also an accomplished mechanic and businessman, some of whose inventions are still in use today.…

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  • Paul Revere's Accomplishments

    Land, one, as a signal” (Paul Revere). These are the famous words from a very famous Revolutionary War hero. Many people believe that they know all there is to know about Paul Revere and his life’s accomplishments. However, people do not know about his upbringing from adolescent to a grown up, how he joined the Sons of Liberty, and his attributions to the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere’s parents’ names were Apollo Rivoire and Deborah Hitchborn. Paul Revere’s dad immigrated to Boston from…

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  • Revolutionary Women Summary

    read about the American Revolution we hear about all the heroic deeds of men like George Washington or Paul Revere. What we don’t often hear about is the many heroic deeds women performed as well. I read the book Women Heroes of the American Revolution, by Susan Casey which told the story of 20 different women. There were lots of women involved in the revolution, whether they quietly resisted the British, spied on them for American militia, or actually joined the men in battle. Three of my…

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  • Paul Revere's Midnight Ride: A Criticism Of

    If one were to hear the name “Paul Revere”, the first thing that comes to mind would most likely be his famous Midnight Ride. Those who have had a third grade history lesson would jump to images of Revere riding through Lexington on horseback, shouting warnings about the imminent arrival of the British troops. However, there is more to this historical figure than what is commonly perceived. A member of the Sons of Liberty, Paul Revere delivered countless messages that kept the revolution alive.…

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  • Paul Revere's Techniques Of The Foston Massacre

    Paul Revere was an important member of the Sons of Liberty, a pin smith and an engraver. One of his most famous pieces of art was a depiction of the Boston Massacre in 1770. Although this is a firsthand account, it cannot be considered a reliable source. As an avid patron of the freedom of the colonists, his drawings are extremely biased in favor of the colonies. He leaves out the historical evidence of the Boston Massacre where the colonists are also at fault. Therefore, his Boston Massacre…

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  • History Of The Boston Tea Party

    The Sons Of Liberty were a secret society, and only men could participate. The people who led the group were, John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Even Paul Revere was in the group. Woman could not participate because men thought they were only good for, cooking, cleaning and tending to the family. Woman were not really treated fair or appreciated in the year 1775, and even long before that and after that. It was pretty sad. I can infer that the men hide their identities because they did stuff for…

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  • Paul Revere: A True Hero

    Paul Revere Paul Revere was not a unique hero before the battle of Lexington. On April 18 and 19 1775 Paul Revere took his famous Midnight Ride. One of the resources we used was the Longfellow poem that tells the story of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. In the Longfellow poem there were things that Paul Revere did that night. There was the signal when the british came 1 by land and 2 by sea. The midnight ride of Paul Revere was taken place in Boston and all the towns that were mentioned…

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  • The Boston Massacre: A Historical Analysis

    The Boston Massacre shouldn’t have been called a massacre since only a total of five people killed in the event. The word “massacre” indicates the brutal slaughtering of a large numbers of people. The Boston Massacre was more like a riot than a massacre, but it was called a massacre by the use of propaganda. The Boston Massacre Historical Society clarifies that “Paul Revere wasted no time in capitalizing on the Massacre to highlight British tyranny and stir up anti-British sentiment among his…

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