Paul von Hindenburg

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  • Inflation In Germany's Economic Effects

    The German economic depression left people angry with the Weimar Republic, foreign influence, and resentment from the treaty causing its collapse (Darby). This made people ready to elect “a socialist” a major political change for Germany. Hitler’s platform promised to eliminate foreign influence, tear up the Treaty of Versailles, and make Germany a power to be respected again a very socialist platform. The German people’s goals directly aligned with those of Hitler, Hitler promised that he would stabilize the German economy by no longer having them pay reparations, and regain territories lost in the Treaty of Versailles. While Hitler lost the election, he was made Chancellor of Germany, under Paul Von Hindenburg, the winner of the election of 1932. By January 1933, Paul Von Hindenburg realized he had no public support and resigned to Adolf Hitler, the leader of the NAZI party which was by then the largest political party in Europe (Darby). Adolf Hitler’s agenda would lead to World War II and change Europe as we know it. Was the Treaty of Versailles responsible for the economic and political factors of the 1920s and 1930s? The reparations from the Treaty was the main cause of the economic instability of the early 20’s, but US involvement stabilized the economy until the 1930s. However, the stock crash of 1929 played a significant role in the rise of Hitler and the economic depression of the 1930s. However, the Treaty put Germany in a situation where the stock crash would…

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  • Essay On Hitler's Ideology

    the party grow dramatically in the late stages of the 20’s. Despite the growth in member numbers, the party was relatively unsuccessful in the 1928 and 1930 elections. Hitler’s persistence paid off, when in July 1932 a 19% increase in primary votes saw the Nazi Party as the highest supported party with 37.3% in the Reichstag. High unemployment and hyperinflation, crippling the country, had German voters seeking change. Another election in November 1932 witnessed a 4.2% drop in support for…

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  • Why Did The Weimar Republic Fail

    to losing colonies, military power and the most prominent portion of the treaty was Article 231 also known as the War Guilt Clause. “The Allied and Associated Governments affirm and Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage” (Henig, 21). Reparation payments, restrictions of military and the war guilt clause created a bitter distrust with the citizens and newly formed Weimar Republic. Many German citizens after the surrender felt as if they…

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  • Why Did Hitler Influenced The World

    Nazis” (Brown). Hitler’s determination, after World War I, to make Germany look better compared to the other countries caused him to create an angry political party called the Nazis. The political group believed that the loss of World War I was the result of betrayal. Hitler soon gave speeches explaining his thoughts about who caused the war. Since Hitler was such an influential speaker, he gained many followers. “But in January 1933, during a severe government crisis, President Paul von…

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  • The Holocaust: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

    first assembled and built through the guidance of Adolf Hitler. Adolf used concentration camps to house their captives until they were brutally murdered via gas chambers, through hard labor, or from mass shootings. These events completely obliterated the European Jewish population of nine million to an estimated three million as the Holocaust came to an end. The killing that took place over a time span of 12 years changed the world and allowed most countries to have a common enemy for the…

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  • Adolf Hitler's Influence

    The NSDAP became with that the 2nd strongest party in Germany. Hitler was candidate in March 1932 for the presidency. In the 1st ballot he won 30.23% and in the 2nd ballot 36.68% of the votes but he still had less percentage of the votes than Paul von Hindenburg. At the Reichstagswahlen on July 31st 1932 the NSDAP became the strongest party in Germany with 37.4% of all votes. Hitler’s wish now was to become president of Germany to get the full power. The next Reichstagswahlen were on September…

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  • Differences Of Adolf Hitler And Mussolini's Rise To Power

    Mussolini’s March on Rome (1922) proved to be successful as King Victor Emmanuel III handed over the position of prime minister to Mussolini out of fear of the possibility of a civil war or being overthrown by his rivals. While it took Hitler a bit more time to learn that a violent takeover was not the wisest plan, he too took power legally by making his party the biggest and most popular in the Reichstag through clever campaigning tactics. President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler as…

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  • Why Did The Holocaust Occur?

    Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution wanted another revolution in Germany. When Germany failed to pay for the reparations in 1923, France and Belgium invaded the Ruhr, which was Germany’s richest industrial center. As an attempt to drive out the French, Ebert forced all workers in the Ruhr to go on strike. Since many workers were on strike, Germany wasn’t manufacturing as much products. In an act of desperation, Ebert and the government decided to print out huge amounts money. The value of…

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  • Hitler Comes To Power Persuasive Essay

    responsible for their own malignancy. Over the course of only four years, Hitler and the Nazi party gained 30.1% of the vote, which made them the largest political group in Germany (“Why Germans Supported Hitler”). One year later in 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg. This was what the German people had wanted because Hitler was the great leader that was going to get them out the depression they’d been in. As Jacob G. Hornberger said, “Hitler also…

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  • Essay On Adolf Hitler

    rejected him. After he found this out, he went to question and get an explanation. Adolf was told that his art lacked a talent for artistic painting and admiration of the human shape. Although this was said, he was told that he had some potential in the area of architecture. This job did require a high school diploma, and Hitler failed to require it. After being heavy-hearted, he left Vienna and returned home to his dying mother, making the situation even worse. Rise to Power The Great…

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