Final Art Questions: The Starry Night And The Starrry Night

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Final Art Paper
What category does the art fall under? (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramic, Metal Work, other) How can you tell? This artwork (Starry Night) falls under the painting category for art. You can tell this because because of the brush strokes visible and how the color is somewhat blended together.

Turn your attention to the piece as a whole. Take a few minutes to look at the artwork in its entirety and answer the following questions.

a. How does the artist use color? Are there stark contrasts or is it blended? Are there symbolic meanings behind the color choices? Van Gogh uses color first by coloring the whole picture almost dark which a lot of art critics think is a reflection about his mental illness and how he tries to
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The Starry Night was created in June of 1889.

Was there a patron who commissioned this piece to be created? (Who was the piece created for?) This piece was not painted for or to anybody. This piece was painted because Van Gogh wanted to express his opinion about something so he did that through drawing. He did later send a copy to his brother to see what he had to think about it. However this piece was not created for one single person or people just for the soul purpose of expressing his feelings.

What materials is the piece made out of? Is there anything unusual about the materials? This piece is made from oil paint and canvas. There is nothing unusual about the products that made this piece although it is unusual that Van Gogh used to eat paint (which contained lead) which could have influenced a lot of his drawings or thought process, not to mention his health.

Where is the piece today? How can the public see the piece? Today you can find The Starry Night in New York City, NY in the Museum of Modern Art. The public can see this piece simply by walking in and looking at it however there are barriers around it with protection just to be on the safe
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(Be sure to think about a wide range of possibilities. Consider faces, poses, clothing, hairstyles, symbols, politics, religion, economics, materials used, who the piece was created for, etc.) In this painting one can clearly see the steeple of the church of the tall stem of the cypress tree going high into the night sky. This symbolizes that humans along with everything else come from the heavens and eventually go back to it. This shows how religion played a major role back during this time period. Religion influenced almost everything that was done to some sort of degree. Also it has a village in the center that has the inside houses light up to show a sense of hope through the dark night. This represents how people back then used to have things to hope for and were more open to accepting different things as long as it would give them hope. Hope would be what got them through most of life. Unlike today where people are just straight forward about something and don 't seem to hope for much anymore. This can also be seen through the sky with the eleven stars. This is said to also represent hope but another big theory is that it represents a biblical passage because of the eleven stars. This theory has made it to one of the top theories because Van Gogh used to be an evangelist. No matter what theory one believes about this picture it is clear that this piece is a revolutionary piece for this time

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