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  • Social Issues In Erin Brockovich

    a community. The movie is about a single mother who is struggling to make a living for herself and her children. She was involved in a terrible automobile accident that left her unemployed and searching for financial income. She becomes connected with attorney Mr. Ed Masry who is representing her, but she ends up losing the case. So she winds up becoming an employee at the law firm. As Erin spends time at the office going through papers, filing and routine clerical operations she becomes interested in some real estate cases that contain medical documents concerning members of Hinkley, CA. Erin convinces Mr. Masry to allow her to investigate these cases further. Although she has no medical or law degree she wanted to see if she could help this community. Most of these cases were about the community members of Hinkley, CA and a company name Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), who have a plant in Hinkley, CA. The members of the community had become very ill with various health issues like chronic headaches; different forms of cancer and many women were experiencing miscarriages. One case in particular…

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  • Health Determinants In Erin Brockovich

    the Pacific Gas and Electric Company is offering to purchase the home of Donna Jensen. Donna Jensen and other people that lives and consumes water near in contaminated area are mysteriously receive payment for their medical expenses from PG &E. That stuff made Erin think that there is something not right, so she started surveying PG&E property. She has had a close contact with the contaminated stuffs in order to get some samples for toxicity level test. She went back and forth from her working…

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  • Hinkley Case Study

    So that they didn’t have to spend the money to fix the problem and so they didn’t have to pay the people of Hinkley. Corporate Decisions: 14. PG&E should have owned up to their error and fixed the problem. 15. It is sometimes easier to protect your public image and tell a lie than to tell the truth and risk the public no longer liking you. 16. The government should do regular check-ups on businesses to make sure they are following specifications. 17. The business should have to close down and…

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  • Family Diversity Analysis

    his name on the chalkboard: Mr. Hinkley. He began with the usual teacher introduction on the first day of school, saying, “Hi kids! My name is Mr. Hinkley. I get that I’m new here, but I plan to have a great year here.” He carried on with details of where he used to teach, I cannot remember where it was. He had been teaching for 10 years, or something like that. The…

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  • Personal Philosophy Of Music Education

    of the unique opportunities offered by Florida State University is the chance to interview educators with years of experience who are back at the university to further their education. Sandy Hinkley offered a guest lecture on why we choose to go into this profession, as it is often thankless and difficult. While she offered many reasons to teach, and the qualities of successful teachers, the general idea is that “when asked what do you teach, […] [you] teach students” (Hinkley, 2015). Without…

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  • What Are The Causes Of Reagan's Assassination

    Just a few weeks of being president Reagan's presidency was almost cut short by the bullet of his would-have-been assassin, John W. Hinkley Jr. On March 30, 1981, President Reagan was shot by Hinkley, Jr., while leaving the Washington Hilton Hotel after giving a speech. The President was hit underneath his left arm by a bullet that bounce off his limousine. Once the sound of shots echoed in the air, Secret Service agent Jerry Parr shoved Reagan into his limousine, and then, after noticing the…

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  • Sociology In Erin Brockovich

    describes one woman’s will to fight for the injustice brought to the common people of Hinkley, California. Erin Brockovich was an uneducated jobless mother of three young children. One day after a disastrous day of interviews, a car speeding in the opposite direction of an intersection slams into her car and injures her. She sees this as an easy way to make some money so she decides she wants to sue the person who caused…

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  • Direct-To-Consumer Advertising (DTCA)

    According to the article by NCSL, they performed an analysis from 1999 to 2000, where “prescriptions written for the top 50 most heavily advertised drugs rose 24.6 percent, compared to 4.3 percent for all other drugs combined. At an estimated annual cost of $2.5 billion”. . (Cauchi & Hinkley) The drug company marketing to consumers made drug companies and their brand products improved conversations with patients, improved the understanding of their sickness and treatment, and improved the…

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  • Mattel Case Study Business Ethics

    Introduction There is an expectation by consumers, stakeholders, regulating agencies, and the industry that companies will conduct their business in an ethical manner, much less be involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects for the betterment of society. This new business obligation then leads the consumer(s) to require corporations to have integrity steering their actions and own “good behavior” (Hinkley, 2012 p 271). “As agents of global change, multinational firms are acting…

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  • Stem Cell Debate

    risk of being rejected, it has been found that “utilizing a patient’s own adult stem cells would not run the risk of rejection.” (Hinkley). This medical advancement will be very important to patients with incurable diseases such as most heart disease because there will be a way to fix or at the very least to prolong life without having to worry about the deadly risk of their body rejecting the treatment. Recent studies using adult rat bone marrow have also found that they “have developed into…

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