Health Determinants In Erin Brockovich

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The movie titled “Erin Brockovich” was based on a true story and real person. In the movie we saw different health determinants. Health determinants are the variation of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that can influence our health status. The main character Erin Brockovich is a single mother that raising three kids, she is undergraduate and unemployed. She was looking for a job until she got hired by a lawyer and start working as a clerk. Erin and the lawyer started working on a case about Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation; they exposed the Corporations Hexavalent Chromium leakage in to the ground water. The contaminated ground water was used for drinking and cleaning by the community nearby. Therefore
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In the first part of the film, we saw a brief example of how our background experience and past life affect the probability of being hired. When Erin was having a job interview and she introduce herself, the recruiter doubted and she got rejected. Being unemployed decreased her reputation, quality of life and it gave her stress. When she was unemployed she spent most of her time with her children also looking for job hiring at the same time. Being unemployed can affect us as a person in all aspects, it also affects country’s economy. It can leads to lower income but workers who are laid off may receive benefits that make up for part or all of the income they lost for a certain amount of time. In some countries, the government provides unemployed to bridge the gap between jobs. Unemployment can be beneficial by giving us the time and opportunities to pursue new career and education. Such us being laid off, that might allow us to go to college and end up achieving new degree for better paying job that can give us more satisfaction in the future. Being unemployed allows us to learn new skills, It can give person a push to find which career is best and suited of us if we are not good at a certain type of job. However, being unemployed can result in less income that limits the capability of a person to pay bills such as mortgage, insurance, and House expenses. It can even lead to bankruptcy, more debt and foreclosure of home. If consumers only have little money to spend, it can reduce economic growth. Unemployment can affect mental state of an individual and his family. Most workers take pride in being able to provide for their families, In conclusion, unemployment can decrease that source of personal

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