Social Issues In Erin Brockovich

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“Erin Brochovich” This film was based on a true story about a brave woman trying to make an independent living while raising her children and fighting for a community. The movie is about a single mother who is struggling to make a living for herself and her children. She was involved in a terrible automobile accident that left her unemployed and searching for financial income. She becomes connected with attorney Mr. Ed Masry who is representing her, but she ends up losing the case. So she winds up becoming an employee at the law firm. As Erin spends time at the office going through papers, filing and routine clerical operations she becomes interested in some real estate cases that contain medical documents concerning members of Hinkley, CA. Erin convinces Mr. Masry to allow her to investigate these cases further. Although she has no medical or law degree she wanted to see if she could help this community. Most of these cases were about the community members of Hinkley, CA and a company name Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), who have a plant in Hinkley, CA. The members of the community had become very ill with various health issues like chronic headaches; different forms of cancer and many women were experiencing miscarriages. One case in particular …show more content…
It also deals with the idea of good verses bad and acts of bribery. Throughout the movie Erin was not credited to have the ability to do this job because she was a woman. This is what pushed her more to prove that as an attractive woman she can do a job if not better then a man. She was judged on her breast because she wore low cut tops which helped her get her way with more information from men but had a negative affect that she was judged as a not so intelligent woman with a good body. This movie gives a great definition to the famous quote “You can’t judge a book by its

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