Disney Erikson Theory Analysis

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From Disney Pixar comes Up, a comedy adventure about 78-year-old ballon salesman
Carl. The sometimes grumpy elderly old man Carl wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of visiting
South America. He ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilderness but discovers all too late that his biggest nightmare has latched himself along for the ride: an overly optimistic 8-year-old named Russell. The movie UP is a surprising tale of followings one 's dream, facing fears and being true to who you are even in the face of hardship and also about the power of human connections.
Erikson’s psychological theory of development described development as occurring in eight discrete stages across a person’s lifespan. Each stage is characterized
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These tasks or crisis are typical and normal in a person’s development. For this paper, I will discuss UP and the 8th stage of Erikson 's theory.
Erockson’s 8th Stage is a very complex and interesting one. It is a reflective reassessment of one’s life. This is where the individual must face many losses and often encounter being pushed out of their normal due to an incapacity to care for themselves.This stage is the last in Erickson’s theory abd I believe the most important. It’s a stage where one accepts their life and reflects on all the decision they’ve made that led them to where they are right now. According to Erikson, achieving a sense of integrity means fully accepting oneself and coming to terms with death. The main character Carl has to deal with all of these things, he deals with accepting all the twists and turns in his life.

This paper will discuss and examine the movie UP through Erikson 's psychological lens.The 8th stage is a time in which the elderly must face their changing place in society and their purpose for their life’s achievement in regards to their relationships and personal issues.
The key and importance experience in stage 8 is found in the reflection and acceptance of one
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The home is where he lived his life with his beloved late wife Ellie. It is the spot where they kept their dreams of one day becoming world explorers. One day, Carl attaches thousands of balloons to his house and surprisingly makes a getaway, escaping the developers. Unfortunately, Carl takes off with unexpected baggage. The optimistic Wilderness Explorer Russell has invited himself along for the adventure. Carl has been dealing with the final stage of Erikson 's theory: Maturity. The conflict is
Integrity vs Despair. This conflict is a time in a person’s life when older adults look back on their life and either feel sense of fulfillment or immense regret. Success at this stages leads to feelings of wisdom and satisfaction about their life trajectory. This feeling allows the elderly to cope when life coming to an end. The elderly who are unable to face these challenges about end up feeeling regret, bitterness and despair. (About, 2010)
Carl is experiencing loss of a loved one and loss of his home. His wife and his home are where he feels most safe and most loved. Now as a widower, he is forced to looks back on his life and see all of the things he didn’t get a chance to do. He faces loss of freedom and

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