Ultra high frequency

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  • Cyber-Security

    information systems can face cyber-attacks on highway traffic controls systems, pipeline control systems, train control, and power/telecommunications. What is RFID? “RFID systems are relatively simple, consisting of readers and tags. Readers radiate a signal and receive responses from tags. Readers may operate in a number of frequencies.” There are two types of RFID tags, ones that are contactless and ones that are passive where the reader serves as power for the RFID tags. The most common RFID tags are smartcards which have a transponder or microchip which are capable of transmitting high frequency (HF) or ultrahigh frequency (UHF) to transmit data to readers. For more advanced RFID systems requiring authentication, a remote server is used as an interface between the reader and RFID transponders. Examples of RFID in Transportation There are many uses of RFID in the transportation industry. I few of those include weigh stations, our regional ORCA card, and protocols now being used in that technology. Weigh Stations A system that was funded by US Agriculture Department with emphasis on remote identification of cattle in the open range operated in the 900-918MHz frequency band and could be read to a distance of approximately 100ft and speeds of up to 60 mph. It was due to these speeds that new applications like the weigh station bypass were created, and has now been implemented in over 30 states. This AVI or automatic vehicle identification is achieved by placing an RFID…

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  • Electromagnetic Waves Vs Mechanical Waves

    Firstly, its advantages include being safe and painless. Unlike X-ray, MRI scanners do not use ionizing radiation; instead they use magnetic fields and radio waves which are harmless and can be absorbed by the body without causing mutations because radio waves have a low frequency and thus a low energy that doesn’t cause harm. Secondly, the pictures that are created by the MRI are precise which allow definite analysis of the image by a medical professional; especially for organs such as brain,…

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  • Sound: A Periodic Wiggle In Time

    device making it is probably making sound differently from something else making a sound nearby. For example, say that you are in a room. You hear some women to your right talking in a high pitched voice, then to your left you hear a man talking in a low pitched voice. You wonder why these two people standing in the same room are able to sound so different. This is because of both the frequency of the sound coming out of the person, and also the wave length. The frequency of a sound wave is able…

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  • Mechanical Vibration Experiment

    The motion in the fastening reason for the unit might be supervised with vibration pickup and examined to determine the spectrum. These details may then be employed to set the shaker drive signal to proper spectrum shape and level. The best approach would be to arrange the machine to watch and control the amount instantly. The three functional limitations to the performance of electrodynamic shaker are displacement, velocity and acceleration. Shaker is operated by displacement at the lowest…

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  • Polarization In Antenna

    Polarization in Antenna Polarization is the basic thing used in transmission antennas for the propagation and reception of the signals. As we know that antenna emits electromagnetic waves in the space for the communication purposes. These two types of waves as depicted by the name Electro-Magnetic is a combination of electrical and magnetics fields. These two waves are mutually orthogonal i.e. oriented at an angle of 90o with each other. The general wave form is given as Fig: Electromagnetic…

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  • Analysis Of UWB Communication Systems

    necessity of high bit error rate (BER) wireless communication with high channel capacity and reliability, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system is a desired method. In the multifunctional wireless communication application, MIMO antenna system should have compact structure and high isolation [2]. Numerous technique have been proposed for enhance isolation between the elements of a MIMO antenna because MIMO antenna system requires high isolation. The function of MIMO antenna depends on the…

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  • Fabrication Lab Report

    Introduction: The lab experiment on Fabrication and Microwave Frequency Measurement of a ring Resonators was about finding the relative dielectric constant and the response of a ring resonator. These values are found by using a ring resonator and setting a frequency signal to the ring to resonate the signal. This lab also shows how to make the ring resonators from paper or any type of electric device from fabrication. Fabrication is used to print electric devices such as printed circuit boards.…

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  • Mastery Of Sounds

    The earliest of studies for speech sounds has been studied intensively since the early 1930s. Studies concerning the acquisition of phonemes are used in clinical practice and serve as a guideline to a practicing clinician. The earliest of studies came from 1931 by Wellman, Case, Mengert and Bradbury. Following Wellman’s findings, other researchers found new material and listing different ages in comparison to Wellman’s research. Sander (1972) discusses the various individuals that contributed to…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Noise Pollution

    Like light waves, sounds waves are also reflected, refracted, diffracted and exhibit interface. Sound is a mechanical wave and needs a material medium like air, water, steel etc for its propagation. It cannot travel through vacuum. Some of the major properties are stated below. 2.1.1 Speed It depends on the medium through which sound is traveling, also it is a fundamental property of a material. The speed of sound is proportional to the square root of the ratio of the elastic modulus (stiffness)…

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  • Seismic Data Processing Essay

    seismic relocation is a propelled method in light of wave condition and uses limited contrasts. It has a few points of interest over ordinary strategies as it deals with sidelong speed varieties, can endure bigger speed blunders, exact up to 70 degrees and can deal with plunges up to 90 degrees. Be that as it may, it is computationally extremely concentrated. The movement calculations in ω - x area are innately parallel as far as frequencies. This favors us to respond to the call of exceptional…

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