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  • What Is Disney's Pixar Acquisition

    Introduction Disney is going to buy Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Entertainment Inc. This acquisition has create a controversy among the fans of the company and the public. Disney bought Pixar Animation Studio for US$ 7.4 billion and Marvel Entertainment for US$ 4 billion. The merge of these company is the business strategy for the world largest entertainment empire, Disneyland to widen their business market in the world. There are many fans of marvel afraid that their comics will be ruined by Disney because of the big differences of culture between both the companies. Therefore, Disney has to consider the differences in culture existing in the organization. After much consideration, responsibility and action should be taken to change…

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  • Pixar Case Study

    1986 Steve Jobs purchased the computer graphics division from George Lucas and established an independent company to be named “Pixar” based in California, United States. Pixar was acquired by Disney in 2006 for a sum of 7.4 billion dollars and the deal was finalized by Steve Jobs who is the apple computer chief executive and was the head of computer animation firm. Jobs also made a deal that allowed Pixar to have all their films distributed and take their split of profits from Disney. After Bob…

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  • Audience Analysis: The Pixar Theory

    with a joke, personal story, or ask their audience a question to break the ice. Although, the speakers own personality indicated how the information is shared. The topic that I chose for my formative speech is the Pixar theory. The Pixar Theory is a fan theory…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Pixar Animated Films

    Despite different genres of films are produced by film industry nowadays, the animated films always be my first choice. Compare to other animated film, Pixar animated films are my favourite since the first film I watched was Toy Story (1995). Its vivid and interesting characters and storyline attracted my attention and always remain in my mind although many years have elapsed. Since then I started to watch and collect all the animated films which were produced by Pixar animation studio. Whilst I…

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  • The Walt Disney Company: Pixar Animation Studios

    Pixar animation studios. Unlike The Walt Disney Company, the life of Pixar Animation Studios began as the computer division of Lucasfilm (2014). During the computer division’s time under the umbrella of Lucasfilm, the team did “remarkable work in the area of computer graphics research” (p. 156). Ed Catmull, who would later become one of the founders of Pixar, recruited many notable and creative people during the company’s fledgling years at Lucasfilm. One major artist that was recruited by…

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  • Sociological Theories In A Bug's Life By Disney Pixar

    Besides providing immense entertainment for both kids and adults alike, certain children’s movies, such as Disney Pixar’s A Bug’s Life, explore deep sociological concepts and structures found in our society. The movie successfully and simultaneously shows both structural functionalism and conflict theory - despite their stark differences - in the interactions between the ants and grasshoppers. Throughout the film, there are also instances that show the theories of false consciousness, collective…

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  • An Analytical Analysis Of WALL-E, Pixar

    Back in 2008, a movie about a little robot engaging in a huge adventure hit movie theaters all over the United States. The movie that is being referenced is WALL•E, Pixar's fifth highest-grossing opening weekend film. Andrew Stanton, the director of the movie, and his team of writers, animators, and actors to create interesting and loveable characters and an immersive futuristic world. However, while the flick is considered by many as "one for the ages, a masterpiece to be savored before or…

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  • How Did Steve Jobs Influence The Future

    From creating the first user friendly technology machine, to making the first handheld devices, and improving and producing the most famous Pixar movies. In the end, his name is under 346 patents in the US(“The 5 “inventions” of Steve Jobs”). Many people were inspired by Jobs’s enthusiasm and will to create. Looking around at what technology people use, it is ludicrous to see how many people are using creations from Steve Jobs. One of the last words that Jobs had said to his partner Lasseter…

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  • Steve Jobs Legacy

    Pixar is a computer animation film studio which at the verge of going extinct was saved by Steve Jobs. Under the guidance and management of Steve Jobs, Pixar grew into the company it is today. Pixar and Jobs created the animation film industry, which changed the entertainment industry entirely, changing the shape of the modern world. "They succeeded and showed everybody how to do it, both technologically and creatively, and to an extent that changed the entertainment landscape (source)". Based…

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  • Summary Of Steve Jobs's Ethos Pathos Logos

    during the darkest times. He did this when he told the story of him losing his job and not giving up by continuing working and doing what he loved. e.He uses pathos during his speech using the emotions of love, happiness, and sadness to connect to the audience, when he told his life stories. He uses these emotions to stay hungry, stay foolish. 2. In the sentence, “ Pixar went on to create the world’s first computer animation feature film,” Jobs uses Ethos to promote the Pixar company…

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