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  • Fallout 3 Business Analysis

    For my topic of choice I wanted to bring up video games, but not just any old game, games made by Bethesda, in this case, I will only be talking about some of their big name titles to stay relevant. A company who knows their target audience for games, Bethesda 's ad’s for games are magnificent at generating hype. I for one, enjoy their ad 's for many great titles and I believe the way they make ads are perfect and sell every time. But what games were successes and why start with the big start, Fallout 3. Fallout 3 was a game created for all platforms, PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The story takes place in a world where the style stuck in the 50’s era, but technology grows more advanced where you are a survivor of a massive world nuclear war and…

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  • Fallout Vs Elder Scrolls

    comparing two of the most popular RPG series: Fallout™ and The Elder Scrolls™; their history, their style, and their stories. Although the similarities of The Elder Scrolls™ and Fallout™ are noticeable, their differences are pronounced and deserve thorough investigation. One such difference between Fallout™ and The Elder Scrolls™ is their history. The Fallout games were the brain child of Interplay Entertainment™ and widely speculated to be a sequel to their game Wasteland, though this has never…

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  • Hypermasculinity In Pop Culture

    the word about girls and gaming by sharing the results of this research with teachers, parents and librarians and even creating clubs that would discuss the issue of gender and female gamers. The goal is to create a more dynamic interaction between students and improve both content instructions and civic competence. They also want to avoid any preconceptions about women psychology, when designing their games. (Agosto and Kristal). So far this tactic has been successful and an example of this…

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  • Dick Gregory's 'Shame': A Symbol Of My Life

    In High School, Fallout inspired me to take courses such as EAST and Digital Communications. I knew if I was a completer in EAST, I would get a good scholarship for technology classes and it would look good on an application for a job that involves technology. If I was a completer in Digital Communication classes as well, it would be an even greater chance of forwarding my career. At college, I took vocational classes on Graphic Design levels one and two. Fallout inspired me to go into the…

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  • Beethoven's Seventh Symphony, The Great Gatsby And The Last Of Us

    many of the same elements as these other artistic pieces, video games should be fully recognized as works of art. Any artistic piece needs various components in order for it to be complete. One of the most important of these components is work. Artwork does not simply make itself, and artists are required to often spend copious amounts of time and effort into making their finished products. Similar to sculptors, authors, and architects, video game designers have been known to put years of…

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  • Adam Lanza Research Paper

    One such demand is for the video game companies themselves to make more age appropriate games for their younger audiences (Casey). There are already a multitude of games designed for young children, even some innocent ones that appeal to older audiences as well, but in a scandalous, action-driven society such as America has, the population quickly bores of these diversions. To be sure, companies like Nintendo, which is based in Japan, create a great variety of games with audiences ranging from…

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