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  • The Magic Tree House Book Report

    back to the books I read as a child, such as The Magic Tree House and Dear America series. I was addicted to reading as a child and that love has continued until today. I think one of the main purposes of children 's literature is to encourage children to want to continue reading throughout their lives, and by doing so, they will learn more about the world around them and learn to explore their imagination. The books I read definitely did this for me. In The Magic Tree House series, I was taken on adventures to castles, into jungles and onto the Titanic. Through Dear America, I learned about important topics in history. Thinking back to the type of books I read as a child that positively shaped my life, I would have to agree most with Beverly Cleary 's view of what children 's literature should attempt to do: to create a story to which all children can relate. The stories I read were not overly complicated like When You Reach…

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  • Cultural Differences In Residential Areas

    I took the bus around the Los Angeles area on a Saturday. The bus I used was the 30/330 that goes from Sunset Boulevard into East Los Angeles. This was mostly what seemed to be residential areas and the main streets of Los Angeles. While riding the bus I saw the difference within the people through the surrounding buildings. The visible wealth disparity between the residents of Los Angeles is very stark and can be seen within neighborhoods. Starting at Sunset, near the Greystone Mansion, the…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Do I Love My Name?

    think of my name, I mostly think of pink lemonade. To me my name feels smooth, like strawberry sorbet. None of the people who’ve given me nicknames could comprehend how my name feels to me. Maybe that’s a thing only I can gain a full perspective on, which makes it unique and personal. With this being said, Madi Decker gave me the nickname “Elbear” the beginning of sophomore year. I and my friends don’t really know how or why it happened, she just started calling me that and it caught on.…

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  • What Is Billy Graham's Evangelistic Career

    University, had met Graham at Florida Bible Institute years earlier and later he heard Graham preach at a Youth for Christ rally. Riley began thinking about how he would run Northwestern schools after he died and he thought of Graham. Graham was not interested at first, but, after Riley’s persistent requests, Graham accepted. In January 1948, Graham became the youngest college president in the whole nation. Graham had a lot more responsibilities and would soon have even more. Graham was about to…

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  • Character Development Of Personal Identity

    that they have little influence of changing or removing leaving the door upon for judgement of the individual but in today’s society we identity the individual by what they are unable to due rather than their positive contributions to society. For example, one of the greatest minds in the world is Stephen Hawking, is almost completely paralyzed yet he has contributed more to the world than most physically able people. The next unchangeable factor of Identity is whatever skin tone we are born…

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  • Clueless Film Analysis

    correlates to the social status of a person in society. Clothing acts as a means of displaying class differences. “The driving force for fashion change is the need for social groups to express their unique identity through clothing…” (Lisa). Tai is presented in the movie as inferior in social status and class in comparison to the female students in the Beverly Hills high school. Cher tries to elevate Tai’s status by changing her style and fashion to what is characterized as proper Beverly Hills…

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  • Gender Roles In Beverly Cleary's Beezus And Ramona?

    focusing on the presence of gender norms Beverly Cleary tries to prove wrong, but also on those that she reinforces. As a women 's and gender studies minor, I am already hyperaware of the role gender plays in everyday life, so it is neat to see what views Cleary had on gender during a time when society was starting to make the transition to accepting a more autonomous woman. And "Beezus and Ramona" shows exactly that: a transitioning from one way women and girls were taught to behave by society…

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  • Henry And Ribsy Summary

    4th Book Report Henry and Ribsy was written by Beverly Cleary. This fiction book has 187 pages. Henry is a friendly boy with a dog named Ribsy who lives on Klickitat Street. One day Henry and his dad went to the Service Station, Henry got to ride up in the car on a grease rack. While Henry was up on the grease rack a policeman pulled up and he went into the store. Once the policeman had gone into the store Ribsy got the police man's lunch and ate it. When the police man came out he chased Ribsy…

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  • Letters To Mr Henshaw Analysis

    Henshaw since he was in second grade. He kept writing to him year by year. Cleary helped me as a reader to understand how the knowledge and thoughts of children grow as they grow up. First, he was just as a little boy who wants to write to someone who he believes in and really loved. Maybe he felt motivated when writing to someone or pretended to. Then later as he grew up, he had the power to write without pretending he is writing to anyone and as he said, “‘I don’t have to pretend to write to…

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  • The Tortoise And The Homer By Henry Summary

    1st 1989 3. Genre of the book: Modern Fantasy 4. Format: Picture Book 5. Award(s): None 6. Summary of the book: The class has an assignment to collect rocks and bring them into class for them all to look at. When the whole class forgets to do the homework assignment Ms. Frizzle decides to take the class on a field trip into the earth. They are able to explore the different layers of the earths crust and about the types of rocks that are formed from the crust. They travel through each…

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