The Magic Tree House Book Report

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To answer this question, I kept thinking back to the books I read as a child, such as The Magic Tree House and Dear America series. I was addicted to reading as a child and that love has continued until today. I think one of the main purposes of children 's literature is to encourage children to want to continue reading throughout their lives, and by doing so, they will learn more about the world around them and learn to explore their imagination. The books I read definitely did this for me. In The Magic Tree House series, I was taken on adventures to castles, into jungles and onto the Titanic. Through Dear America, I learned about important topics in history. Thinking back to the type of books I read as a child that positively shaped my life, I would have to agree most with Beverly Cleary 's view of what children 's literature should attempt to do: to create a story to which all children can relate. The stories I read were not overly complicated like When You Reach …show more content…
There were times when I just wanted to skim all the discussions about A Wrinkle in Time and time travel. If I were reading the book primarily for enjoyment, I probably would have, but since our class is specifically looking at the theme of time, I had to reread passages to truly understand them. In fact, one of the notes I jotted down in my notebook was "Kids don 't won 't want to read that explanation of time" for pages 102 and 103 when Julia, Marcus, and Miranda were comparing the diamond ring to time. While I don 't think children 's books should be watered down (like Raggedy Ann), I don 't think they should be so complex that the main points of the book go right over children 's heads. I was quite surprised to hear that the book was targeted for third to fifth graders. I was recommending that my mother put the book into her eighth grade classroom thinking it was for a higher reading

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