Clueless Film Analysis

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The 1995 movie Clueless directed and written by Amy Heckerling is a typical comical coming of age teenage movie. Following a social dominant and extravagant teenage girl named Cher Horowitz, ironically, the movie displays the effects of her “social project” with Tai Fraser. Through the lens of this social project, the themes of perceptions of desire attributes and the dominant stereotypical culture in high school are explored. With the use of the costumes, characters, and script, Heckerling comments on the significance of fashion and social relations in high school.
In movie, Cher is a naïve high school popular girl that takes on a mission to makeover a new student, Tai Fraser. Cher tries to improve Tai’s social status and match her up with who she thinks is a good fit as a boyfriend, with the help of her friend, Dionne Davenport. However, Tai becomes more popular than Cher and develops a crush with Cher’s step-brother, Josh. Due to this, Cher reevaluates herself and realizes that she too has feelings for Josh. Additionally, she has a
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The social associations in this high school determines your social standing. Cher rejects who Tai wants to hang around, based on her assumptions of proper social associations. Cher believes that her and Dionne are the most reasonable people to be around and the popular boys are the only acceptable boys in high school to date. She steers Tai away from stereotypical cliques that she believes isn’t acceptable or respectable. For example, Tai develops a crush for Travis who belong to the “loadies”. However, as described by Cher, the “loadies” are people who are “fried” all day, say “bonehead things”, and sometimes don’t show up to class. They aren’t people a “respectable girl” dates. Due to Travis being an unacceptable date, Cher guides Tai into liking boys like Elton and inevitably Josh, who are

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