Cultural Differences In Residential Areas

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I took the bus around the Los Angeles area on a Saturday. The bus I used was the 30/330 that goes from Sunset Boulevard into East Los Angeles. This was mostly what seemed to be residential areas and the main streets of Los Angeles. While riding the bus I saw the difference within the people through the surrounding buildings. The visible wealth disparity between the residents of Los Angeles is very stark and can be seen within neighborhoods.
Starting at Sunset, near the Greystone Mansion, the buildings are well kept and show a variety of architectural styles. The styles often reflect older styles or modern styles, with little in-between and a distancing from the industrial, mass produced style. The buildings are often painted in light colors,
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Also, if a person was walking by themselves it was more likely to be a man than a woman. The women I did see alone looked to be homeless or as if they had a mental issue, but this was not the case in the Sunset area. Sunset Boulevard and its immediate vicinity did have women walking alone, usually they were walking a dog. Only in the areas that could visually be classified as dangerous were the women alone if they looked homeless or possibly had a mental illness. I based this on the clothes and the actions of those I observed. The woman I believe had a mental illness came out of a building, in-between the Sunset area and the poor looking residential areas, and approached a man most likely in his 20s and he tried to distance himself from the woman. He seemed as if he wanted to avoid the woman, however he was stuck waiting at a crossing light and did interact with her. Many of the people I saw gave the impression that they did not want to interact with the environment. This was similar to Simmel’s idea of the blasé, however I would not attribute it to overstimulation as with New York, but with apathy. The city and the people have been through any number of crises, which lead them to care more about themselves and less about overall

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