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  • Essay On 1970s Fashion

    a shirt like it. “The music that teenagers listened to, the clothes they wore and the films they watched during the 1970s were not isolated phenomena occurring in a vacuum. They were all manifestations of what was taking place in society as a whole (Webb 2013).” Cindy was a performer herself, so it’s a no brainer that she looked to celebrities in the media for dress inspiration. She participated in numerous talent shows, singing songs from the movie Mahogany with Diana Ross. “I also was in a school play called The Wiz, I was Dorothy. I performed at numerous talent shows (Cartwright 2016). Other Celebrities like Bianca Jagger influenced dress when it came to the pants suit for women. In a 1974 photo Bianca Jagger is seen wearing and Halston white pant suit. My informant, Cindy and her sister was photographed as well in an all-white pants suit that look very like Bianca Jagger’s (see Figure 3 & 4). Cindy distinctly remembers looking to celebrities like Donna Summer, Pam Grier, and Diana Ross for inspiration on how to wear her hair as well. Women like them in the 70s were the staple of how to wear your hair if you were an African American woman during this time. Cindy’s most worn hair style in the 70s was the Afro at first. Cindy is photographed while wearing an afro (see Figure 1). “Afro hairstyle in African American communities was a fad (Lord, 1973).” She recalls going to the hair salon and getting her afro blown out and trimmed just like Angela Davis. Angela Davis was an…

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  • Twelfth Night Viola Analysis

    in the play. He uses Cassio, Rodrigo, and Emilia in his orchestrated plan. Iago uses his wife Emilia to steal Desdemona’s handkerchief. The handkerchief symbolizes the ocular proof Othello needs to know that Desdemona is cheating on him. Iago being his manipulative self is trying to make Othello focus on the handkerchief rather than what Othello wants to see, them kiss, or in bed together. So Iago keeps dropping hints about the handkerchief. Once Othello sees that it’s the handkerchief that he…

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  • Personal Circumstance In Shakespeare's Othello

    begins to think about it more and more, making him not at ease. Because of this situation, Othello confronts Iago angrily mentioning that if Iago were lying he would have him killed. He also requested that he wanted proof of such accusations. This is Othello’s way of trying to solve the circumstance he has been faced with. He let false allegations get into his head and now he is trying to deny it by threatening his friend. Iago then swore to Othello saying that he wouldn’t dare lie to him. He…

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  • Film Analysis: Lars And The Real Girl

    friend; however in this film, all Lars needed was a blow-up doll named Bianca, and a community that was willing to challenge their perception of what is considered to be normal in order to help Lars cope with distress. It was beautiful and even somehow magical the way “Lars and the Real Girl” shows us that sometimes the saying is true, that all people ready need is love to overcome anything. And help us rethink what distress is and reevaluating our treatment method for treating people with…

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  • Meaning Of The Shrew In William Shakespeare's Play

    Kate is the maiden daughter of Baptista Minola. She is widely believed to be a “shrew” by many. A “shrew” is a label given to hot-tempered, aggressive women. Shrews tend to have quite the tongue. Early on in this play, the audience witnesses constant insults directed towards the male characters around her. She also performs physical acts of anger against the men who provoke her. Kate does not act like a shrew because that is who she is; she acts like one because she is unhappy and desperate. Her…

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  • Rolling Stones Influence

    The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. The band was formed in England in 1962 and is still together after over fifty years, giving it the record for longevity. Today the band has four core members, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts, who have become huge, recognizable names in pop culture. Throughout their career the band released 29 studio albums and contributed many songs to the top of the music charts of many countries. Jagger and Richards…

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  • Personal Narrative: How I Treated My Life

    Everything I do holds me captive; from how I treat people to how I am treated. How I was raise haunts me every day. Nothing is ever easy and only when you realize this will someone like me try to find a ‘happiness’. I found a category of ‘happiness’, and that is art. As a small child, maybe I was six or seven, I knew I was to take care of myself and try as hard as I could not to be dependent on my parents. My father was often tired but would take care of me as any parent would, buying…

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  • Creative Writing: The Three Amigos

    Once upon a time, those adventures were everything to me. Ven, Silas and me. Everyone knew we were the three musketeers, the three amigos, and to some’s surprise, the two boys were content with my never-waring presence. Looking back now, I realize how lucky I was. Most older brother’s barely bothered with their younger siblings, let alone a little sister. They would occasionally spend time with them when pressured by their parents, but never out of their own choosing. Silas seemed to always want…

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  • What Is The Theme Of I Robot By Isaac Asimov

    It feels like I’ve been in this institution for five years now, it really has, even though it was really a couple months. The place is filled with phony’s and I wanted to get the hell out of this goddam place. Anyway, I was reading this book old D.B. gave me when he visited me last Saturday. It was pretty good. It was called I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. I would tell you what’s it about but I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel like anything in here. They had a lot of people in here trying to help…

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  • Cry: A Short Story

    It was a week before Valentine’s Day and the girls and I were sitting at the middle table and the guys where at the table behind us. My friend Katlyn was sitting at the end of the table and I was sitting right next to her and across from me was my friends Joanna. We were all talking about the spring fling that was coming up when CC went right to Katlyn and gave her a hug and started talking crap about Joanna. At first Joanna looked at me and shock her head telling me to leave it alone. Katlyn…

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