Film Analysis: Lars And The Real Girl

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In most cases, dogs are a man’s best friend; however in this film, all Lars needed was a blow-up doll named Bianca, and a community that was willing to challenge their perception of what is considered to be normal in order to help Lars cope with distress. It was beautiful and even somehow magical the way “Lars and the Real Girl” shows us that sometimes the saying is true, that all people ready need is love to overcome anything. And help us rethink what distress is and reevaluating our treatment method for treating people with distress. Understanding that there is not one conventional way of treating distress. We have to look for what works for the person feeling distress. As we see in “Lars and the Real Girl” that tells a vivid story of a 27 year old young man, Lars, who is characterized as shy, and seemingly distant towards others. He live in what I may consider to be one of the whitest town in America, with cold winter and community that is so close everyone knows each other and goes to the same Lutheran church. We was inform that Lars’ mother lost her life giving birth to him which in turn cause his father to become depressed, that he suffered with until the day he died. The film don’t go into details on Lar’s up …show more content…
We met Lars as a reserved loner who cringed at the thought of human interaction; however, by the end, he was in the process of evolving into a man who could have “normal” relationships with others. He found comfort in Bianca, a life-sized doll, which in turn, allowed him to transition out of the recluse state he had been trapped in. I love the way movie ended, we see that Lars’ distress does not make him but instead it was just a part of him. At the end of the day Lars was not cured; but rather learning to deal with his intimacy issue that caused him distress, and once he was able to deal with some of the stressors in his life, he was able to move on and live a productive

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