Field Of Dreams Film Analysis

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The Hero: Ray Kinsley’s Journey The film, Field of Dreams one of the best heartfelt story of a personal redemption takes you through one of the most important stages of a hero’s journey, the call to adventure. Ray Kinsley, your, non-typical farmer in Iowa lives with his two mentors. One being his wife Annie and the other his daughter Karin. When he was only three his mother, died and his father’s relationship wasn’t the best as he left to attend Berkeley College, a school far away from home. This hero wasn’t your typical risk taker until one day while walking through his cornfield he hears a voice whisper “If you build it, he will come”. The voice reoccurred for a few days impulsively until Ray sees a vision of a baseball field in his corn field. …show more content…
The ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson was the man the family discovers. The man Ray’s father idolized, a baseball player of the 1919 Black Sox scandal. After an evening of watching the Black Sox "ghosts" practice, we come across the first threshold meaning turning point one when Ray hears the same voice whisper "Ease his pain”. The hero becomes frustrated and a little disappointed during this time of the film not knowing what “Ease his pain” means. Ray recognized in a meeting him and his wife Annie attended about the author Terrance Mann’s books being considered prohibited. Terrence Mann, who lives in Boston is the man Ray realizes he needs to “Ease his pain”. Even though the Kinsley family is in tremendous debt after building a baseball field, Ray believes he must take Terrance Mann to a Red Sox game. The Threshold guardian (one who presents a menacing face to the hero) Annie’s brother, Mark is pressuring the family to sell the farm before they foreclose. The midpoint of the hero’s journey also known as the moment of grace or the mind-game moment but in his, situation it’s his moment of grace. The, hurtle is cleared when Ray and Annie woke up having the same dream of a game at Fenway Park

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