Dreamworlds Documentary Analysis

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This documentary "Dreamworlds- Desire, Sex, and Power in music Videos" tries to explain how the popular culture influences contemporary music video and how this is affecting today’s culture. “Dreamworlds” insists that these narratives and cultural attitudes have shaped these music videos into sexualizing women, and filtering the identities of both men and women into “myths” about sexuality and gender. The subject group in these music videos tended to be mostly about women and how they are misrepresented and used in popular culture. Overall I agree with the film message that these music videos are misleading and only demonstrated with one point of view in which the audience can see through. For instance, the women are sexualized and presented as mere objects of for the video and men as well. Kid Rock even said that the music videos were “more about girls” and how the most important part of a woman is their sexuality. For example, the women are required to show lots of skin and dress in overly sexualized costumes. Some of these include cheering, teacher, air line stewards, strippers and even sometimes nothing at all.
However, I did notice a few flaws in this documentary, and the
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For example one section discussed the narrative stories of the music videos, another section discussed Pornographic worlds of this video. Each section introduced new topics but sticking to the theme of sexualizing women as tools and not humans. The section that I think added great quality to this film was the narrative story section of the music videos. It showed that women are diverse and they are more than a show for the camera, they can be expressed in multiple positive ways but instead they “live for the male attention. This section was very impactful because it demonstrated how our popular culture is affecting our behavior, and shutting down the way we perceive

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