Boyhood Film Analysis

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When comparing to other traditional cultures, children in the United States has a long stage of childhood to young adulthood. The movie Boyhood (2014) depicts a boy’s life experiences from childhood to young adulthood. Mason Evans Jr. is treated different from his sisters based on their genders. Another important aspect of this movie focuses on Mason’s parents, how their actions affect Mason’s growth. I will examine how this movie portray the process of Socialization and the Life Cycle, and Families and Intimate Relationships. First of all, the movie Boyhood focuses on the “postmodern family” (single mothers, blended families, cohabiting couples, lesbian and gay partners, communes, and two-worker families) rather than the traditional family …show more content…
Although Mason Jr. does not like Bill, but again, Olivia believes that a family should consists of two parents and some children. Blended family can results in an issue, especially when the children act up against a step parent. For instance, when Mason asks, “Why do you even marry him? He 's such a jerk!” Olivia insists that Bill has his good qualities. A scene portrays spousal abuse, known as the “common couple violence, when Olivia finds out that her new husband is an alcoholic and confronts him with his issue. Olivia divorced her second husband because she believes that he will put her kids in …show more content…
Mason Sr. regrets that he has children at a young age with Olivia because they are not already to support each other, whether emotionally or financially, they ended up in a divorce. Through peer socialization, Mason tries new things that he has not tried before. For example, he goes to an under construction house with his friends to play around, and drink under age. However, at 15 years old, Mason tries marijuana and alcohol, and neither parents tell Mason to stop or tell him about the consequences. Mason’s friends also tells him that if a guy can’t do certain things than they are a “pussy” or a “fag”, which he appears to be cocky when he’s with them. In contrast, when he’s with is mother, he has to be his other self, in other words, he has to be respectful toward his mother. The film shows what role Mason plays in his family and in the society. For example, Mason’s always a student throughout this movie, who does not know what he wants to be during high school. At the end of his senior year in high school, he finally discovers that he has a passion for

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