The Nuclear Family In The Simpsons

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The nuclear family in television consists of a mom, dad, and three kids. They live in a suburban community, with other heterosexual families as neighbors. The father works to provide for the family, while the mom stays at home with the kids or occasionally works. Their lives revolve around school, work, and home, places that define a certain characteristic of each member of the family. However, sitcom families spend most of their time at home. The house idealizes the concept of a big suburban house with open floors and an ample living space. America’s ideal notion of family structure it is defined by society’s’ sense of the heterosexual families. The structure of the household has not changed, although, the nuclear family has been on television …show more content…
The Simpsons are composed by Homer, Marge, Liza, Bart, Maggie and Santa’s little helper. The sitcom has the essential components of a nuclear family, but it criticizes the contemporary family values. The opening of the Simpsons demonstrates a dysfunctional family living in chaotic society. The Simpsons begin with the introduction of each member of the family in determining locations that define their role in the nuclear family. The first character introduces Bart Simpson, who is in detention for undermining school’s authorities. The opening transitions to Homer Simpson handling radioactive chemicals and inattentive leaving the nuclear plant with the hazardous tube. The opening cuts to Marge Simpson shopping at the grocery store accompanying with her infant daughter, Maggie Simpson, who is not supervised by Marge. Maggie gets on top of the cashier’s counter belt and gets scanned and packed by the cashier. Then the scene cuts Liza playing the saxophone passionately on her way out of the classroom, disrupting the orchestra practice. Finally, the family gathers in the living room to watch television together. The location of the characters at the opening illustrate the predetermined characteristics that each character possesses. Bart represents the young and rebellious son; Liza is the smart and feminine daughter, Maggie depicts the adorable infant, Marge is the tireless housewife, and Homer is the father and the sole provider of the family. The Simpsons is a representation of America’s conception of a nuclear

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