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  • Elements Of Comedy In The Simpsons

    explores this “sour” taste of comedy through his extensive analysis of The Simpsons. He argues that the show, “does not promote anything,” in this case, traditional family values. By extension, Matheson arguably demotes hyper-irony and deems it to be essentially depraved, “because its humor works by putting forward positions in order to undercut them.” While, yes, Matheson acknowledges the satirical nature of The Simpsons, he fails to fully grasp the immensity of its role within the show. According to Matheson, the nature of the show is relatively “depraved”— it does not promote the traditional family values of the past nor does it hold them to be sacred. The Simpsons, themselves, are a parody of the “McWASP” tradition of family sitcoms. However, this familiarity is an ingenious ploy—a device issued to closely dissect and criticize every facet of American culture. Rather than being the ideal picturesque family of the past, each member is uniquely flawed. This uncensored representation of family life initiates…

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  • Stereotypes In The Simpsons

    To begin, McMahon argument that The Simpsons can “educate on what it teaches” (215) in this episode of The Simpsons “Lisa on Ice” occurs with stereotypes on the show. For, example when the school bullies asked Bart “Nice PJs, Simpson. Did your mommy buy 'em for ya?” (Scully, 1994) and Bart’s response was “Of course she did. Who else would have?” (Scully, 1994) This conforms to the stereotype that mothers do most of the shopping in the house. That consist of buying clothes, food etc. According…

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  • The Simpsons Analysis

    Groening picked the characters of the Simpsons by using people he grew up with. The parents in the Simpsons are named Homer and Marge, the same name that Groening's parents have. He named Lisa and Maggie after his two younger sisters. Groening thought it would be too obvious if he named the oldest son after himself, so Groening decided to name the last child Bart which is an anagram of brat. Homer's father also received the same name as Groening's grandfather, Abraham. Groening returned to…

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  • Satire In The Simpsons

    The Simpsons has become a staple of American life since its first release in 1989. This long lasting cartoon comedy achieved the true essence of satire by capturing the moment of stupidity among today’s stereotypical American ‘everyman’. By using a wide range of satirical devices such as: parody, irony, sight gags, absurdity and black humour, The Simpsons develops and enhances brilliant and distinct characters in order to create the fascinating and hilarious satire. Therefore, The Simpsons…

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  • The Simpsons Influence On American Culture

    The Simpsons is one of the longest running and most popular television (T.V.) shows in the history of television. As a result, the show has had a lasting affect on American culture reaching down to even some of the words we use today. These influences are a direct result of the show’s many characters relatability and the way in which they are presented. It’s place in popular culture, an icon of American life, make it a standpoint for the way in which Americans live. No doubt its use of satire to…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Simpsons

    entertained my older brother and parents. I specifically remember watching the show South Park. “Oh how dumb,” I would say to my self and I could not understand how adults could find these mean animated characters so funny. At some point it even bothered me and I did not find the show funny but rather insulting. I would also watch The Simpsons but oddly enough I only found some episodes interesting. Sometimes I didn’t understand the language and I wondered why my older brother was still into…

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  • Lisa Simpson Qualities

    To become the president of Springfield it takes allot of responsibility, and integrity. The people of our country are counting on the Future president to take a step up and make Spring Field the best and safest environment. They are expecting that he or she will speak up upon them to help make changes for the best. This is why i present to you, Lisa Simpson - one of the most well know and trust worthy. At her young age she has proven to be brilliant and one of the most passionate about the…

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  • Political Economy In 'Much Apu About Nothing And' The Simpsons

    chosen for this essay is “The Simpsons”. This cartoon has become a household name and a cultural phenomenon across the world. It is the longest running series in American history and has been so popular because the writers have blended together different forms of wit and humour to appeal to all types of people of all ages. The satirical humour and political neutrality makes the text so relatable…

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  • The Simpsons, Hyper-Irony, And The Meaning Of Life

    Manitoba. He writes in his essay, The Simpsons, Hyper-Irony, and the Meaning of Life, about how all comedy has a similar pattern of quotationalism and hyper-irony. He does this to inform the reader of the rise of pop-culture parodies, and how this has affected comedy in history. In Matheson’s essay, he argues that hyper-irony undercuts the moral agenda throughout the plot and the development of the characters. He does this by using examples from The Simpsons, writing in an explanatory tone, and…

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  • Oj Simpson Essay

    Socialization Agents Family Orenthal James Simpson grew up outside of San Francisco, California in a low income family with three other siblings. His mother worked at a psychiatric ward to support her four children. However, O.J Simpson’s father left his family with no apparent reason when he was a toddler. In return, O.J Simpson never had an influential male figure while growing up. Because of that incident it possibly could have had a huge emotional repercussion for his decisions he would…

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