Gender Stereotypes In Television Shows

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Stereotypes of gender and sexuality can be strictly seen in American television shows such as: The Family guy, The Simpsons, The Rescue Heroes and many more. Even though all the shows guarantees for entertainment and keeps our thoughts from our day to day stressful activities for a moment; nonetheless, it also occupies our bran and shatters our thinking hat which we then fail to see the extreme gender and sexual stereotypes depicted throughout the series.
The show I have chosen to focus and pin points the stereotypic act is from “The Rescue Heroes and The Family guy.” The first series is about a group of males who travels around the nations rescuing lives from both natural and man-made artificial disasters. Further, it teaches the people proper
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The scene at 2 min 20 sec, 4 min 25 sec and 6 mine 40 sec clearly shows men as active, trying to fight the fire. While trying to put down the fire, they didn’t express any struggle or fear on their face. They were treating fire as some toy they place with in their daily day life; not backing away and holding their ground from the fire even though it was getting bigger and bigger and approaching toward them. Further, when they were planning what to do, the leader who is a male was telling everyone their role. Leader being male is very typical and acting in a terrific do or die situation acts. On the other, the female is shown as very passive; in the practical action scenes they were no females present at the fire putting down scene. This particular scene illustrates females as not strong and not suited for this life action tasks. Around 6 min 40 sec, we can notice how the leader tells one of the two female to radio authorities, thus she is been given task that doesn’t require bravery or strength. Plus, informing people about staying safe and heads up is similar to nurturing. This quality is seen as it belongs to only females in reel and real life. Further, in this episode to a male hero, the leader says “Get your men prepared,” we can notice that he says MEN even when two females belong to this rescue team. Matter of …show more content…
In this television show, the stereotype is shown without hesitation throughout the series. The females in this series are seen as sexual objects for males to play with them and fulfill their sexual desires. In the short video clip 2 listed in the reference list, depicts these scenes; Peter and Lois (husband and wife) were watching porn together and in a scene it four men and one woman is shown. This inner scene illustrates that women are seen as object, anyone can use them; women is simply a toy for them to play until the men gain their pleasures. In addition, males were shown as wearing full cloths covered top to bottom, all males are in varying size which shows that males physical appearance doesn’t matter. However, females on the other side were shown with little cloths just simply covering their private parts and exposing most of their body to public. Their body structure is illustrated as narrow waist with big top and lower back with skinny legs which the society considered as how women should look. No one realize or simply fails to realize that these shapes are in long run good looking as one might think and further it can lead to disease

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